About The Dogs

Nigel Buggers
DOB: 7-7-01
State of birth: Kansas
Weight: seventy six pounds - really!
Favorite color: pink
Favorite question: What does this button do?

Likes: Peanut butter, tattoos, frosty paws, walks without the Labs (no idea), Whippet ladies (he is still a sighthound - sorry Sola), soft blankets and pillows, car rides, bully sticks, his martingale collar, any form of love, singing, soft dirt.

Dislikes: Non-dog people (and he can tell), slippery floors, anything that resembles work, cold, heat, dust, rough blankets, any cat other than ours, ankle-biters, aggressive dogs, property taxes, doors closing quickly, people who call him too skinny, Michael Vick.

More here: http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?i=462479

Nigel Buggers on Facebook:  facebook.com/nigelbuggers

Sola Fide
DOB: 12-24-03
State of birth: Vermont
Weight: eighty pounds
Favorite color: grass stain green
Favorite question: Are you going to smoke that?

Likes: Mountain biking, mud puddles, being cradled like a baby, butt tucking, people, cats, fetching anything, defending the house, dock diving, swimming, flying through the house at breakneck speed, anything with sugar in it.

Dislikes: Bath mats, lawn mannequins, thunderstorms and sticks.

Sola Fide on Facebook: facebook.com/solaf

Truffles a.k.a. Fudge Pants, Fudgepants
DOB: 2-18-06
State of birth: Vermont
Weight: unmeasurable
Favorite color: gravy brown
Favorite question: Are you going to eat that?

Likes: Gravy, kitty litter, any breathing being, Chester Hoover, full body wagging, love, joy, goodness.

Dislikes: The 4th of July, thunderstorms, Godiva Landis, most anything Nigel does, sudden loud noises, mean people, dieting.

Fudge Pants on Facebook: facebook.com/fudgepants

Dog Bait

Boo a.k.a. Cracker
DOB: Uncertain - approximate age is six.
State of birth: Vermont
Weight: eighteen pounds
Favorite color: white
Favorite question: Could you report Nigel to Crimestoppers?

Likes: Heights, food, solitude.
Dislikes: Anything requiring a personality. Life with dogs.