Sunday, October 10, 2004

Some Like It HOT

Sola's New Look

Well, some may like it, but not me. Not a big fan of hot weather. I usually pass on hot food. I certainly don't dig it when dogs are in heat. And Sola has blessed us this week. She is "blossoming"in to dog-womanhood. Lucky us. We just moved to a new place in the woods on seventeen acres of land. Every night as I walk with Nigel & Sola the coyotes scream at me as to implore, "Please, let the little one loose! You don't need two....." And yet every night I find myself back in the house holding two leashes, a dog at the end of each. *sigh*
I had to restrain myself from posting any Sola pictures with this entry. Any picture I would take would be beyond the limits of good taste. This pains me greatly, as my sense of humor resides smack-dab in the middle of the land of poor taste. But I'll spare the reader. I believe it would suffice to say that Sola appears as though someone has pasted five pairs of red gumdrops and a Dunkin' Donuts Old Fashioned on her. I'll let your imagination run the show from here.

Sola: Hey, you lookin' at me? Are ya? Come a little closer you handsome thing.
Really - if anyone could get just a little closer.....

Nigel: Oh damn, what did I step in this ti - SOLA, for the last time GET OFF MY LEG!!!!!!!!
I haven't seen the cat in days, but I could make an educated guess as to his whereabouts.