Thursday, June 21, 2007

Forbidden Fruit

We're all guilty. Who hasn't felt the sinful tug of desire - for a better car, house, job, expensive trinkets, what have you. We've all stared over that fence of desire at (apparently) greener pastures. And like many before us, most of us have hand our hands slapped reaching for that cookie jar.

Truffles is no exception. Her desire for the taste of feline fur is near legendary in these parts. If and when our cat feels brave enough to explore the floor, Ms. Truffles jumps right over that fence, and lands squarely in...browner pasture. She gets schooled.

Boo (cat): I have all my claws. And a can opener.
Author: ?
Boo: So I can serve up a can of whoop ass as required.

Author: Ah yes, we have witnessed this on more then one occasion. It's a simple process. Cat appears. Truffles attempts to make pancake of said cat. Cat cracks its knuckles and we cringe. What follows is a cacophony of dog cries, claws slicing at flesh, white and brown fur filling the air like so much pollen. It's a remarkable sight, and-

Truffles (Fudgepants): I don't find it remarkable at all. My nose was only meant to have two holes in it.

Author. You should know better. Follow Nigel's example. Once a tolerator; now a total hater- Nigel does not trust Boo, and eyes him with guarded suspicion. But he keeps a safe distance.

Nigel: I'm happy to preserve my good looks. Think I'll have another beauty nap zzzzz

Author: Good plan. Fudgepants is slowly but surely learning the value of restraint. Of late, she's taken to lustful observation.

Oh, baby.

Not that we expect a lasting peace - Fudgepants is far too young to have learned all her lessons for now. We still keep the panini maker locked up.

Boo: Thanks for that!

Author: Most welcome friend. And so we wait. And we watch. And as the fur flies, we are reminded there are some things, no matter how delicious/beautiful/shiny they may be - that we are not meant to obtain.

Sola: Snicker
Boo: Bring it.