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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Friday Five

Welcome back to the end of the week, and thanks for stopping by. We'll get to our weekly list shortly, but wanted to share a little fun on the way there.

Susan from City Gal Moves to Oz Land surprised our pack with a little something earlier this week - free food!

A wonderful card was included - we used to have a Dalmatian so Susan and Trixie and the gang tugged at our heart strings with that one. We were so touched that she took the time to whip up a batch of crunchy goodness for the dogs. A custom label for the treats rounded out the package: perhaps Trixie is on the way to her fifteen minutes. There is not a treat left, and I am typing this Tuesday night. That's a good review if I have ever seen one - thanks Susan!

Now on to the Friday Five for the week. And the accompanying cheap trinket we created especially for it - the Gold Hydrant Award (more). This item of little to no value is yours to display, or not. No questions to answer, no need to pass it along, no rules, no strings. Brag to your friends or run away in shame. Either way, we're hurling this at you because we think your blog should be seen. Cut and paste if you'd like, or cut and shred!

I need to mention a site that provides very useful information. I have it bookmarked for reference. Read and learn from Helpful Buckeye at Questions On Dogs and Cats. Always interesting, there is a mix of information and entertainment on tap. Tell them we sent you!

Remember the Dalmatian I mentioned? I bring this next blog to your attention with great pleasure, especially since I know Mrs. Author will go absolutely bonkers when she finds it. I would fly our dogs to Florida to have Kim from House of Spots photograph them. Of personal interest is this post. We saw those kinds of bitey faces often. :)

If there is a dog I want to steal as I review this list, it is Hoover from Battery Powered Dog. Hoover gets the job done with a pacemaker, and that makes him a badass in my book. Scroll down to Meet My Sister...check out Hoover and Kirby crashed on the floor. The name comparison post above it is a riot!

Want a visual feast of dog fun? Head over to visit Minnie Moo this week, and scroll through loads of pictures of Minnie and friends in action. These dogs know how to play, and Minnie is one lucky canine.

Feeling boxed in at the office as you read this? Stop by Gennasus for some amazing open sky pictures, and a beautiful tour of their corner of Scotland. I think I could live there and be quite happy. Their dogs certainly seem to be!

Have a great weekend, and hug your dogs for us...

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Friday, June 19, 2009

The Friday Five +

Well this week certainly flew by! I've been on the road a bit, and had to schedule posts to publish in my absence. I have not had a chance to catch up, but I did set aside some time to peruse some blogs from our follower list to see how everyone has been. That can only mean one thing - another Friday Five.

But first, a tag-athon! If you offered up an award that we missed, please let us know.

First up, Mango and family surprised us with this one!

Mango lives in Massachusetts, and we are hoping to arrange for a visit to his area this summer. Look out!

In an interesting twist, we were double tagged with the following this week:

Lindsay from Life With Big Dogs, and Kimberly from Awesome Dogs @ OB Beach found us worthy of this fine award, even though I have no idea how to pronounce it. :) Thanks to you both!

Now on to the Friday Five (or so) for the week. And the accompanying cheap trinket we created especially for it - the Gold Hydrant Award (more). This item of little to no value is yours to display, or not. No questions to answer, no need to pass it along, no rules, no strings. Brag to your friends or run away in shame. Either way, we're hurling this at you because we think your blog should be seen. Cut and paste if you'd like, or cut and shred!

Where to start? How about with Team 3 Dawg Flite? We have been long time admirers, and Sola is ready to take the plunge and give jumping a try. Considering getting your dog in to the pool? All you need to know is here. Jump in!

Next on our list...Amber and Nala from NW Ridgeback. Some of their pics have been our favorites of the week. Dig in to older posts and follow some fun school projects. We almost got a Ridgeback before Truffles came along, so we secretly covet Nala!

Take a moment to congratulate Krista and family from Shades of Blonde on their recent addition to the household. Hello Copper! And be sure to take a stab at the Magic 8 Ball widget. Very clever.

Mrs. Author wants some ducks now that we have room, and this touching, flat out awesome story from The Happy Pit Bull Blog will do little to dissuade her. Once you are done feeling all warm and fuzzy you'll probably think the cute factor was maxed, but be sure to check out Pepper and Little Byrd as well!

Ever had a Pony chew and swallow your cell phone? If you answered yes, then you and Colleen Mulrooney from Furry, Not Fried have something in common. Read on to find out how she retrieved it - and from which end.

I have always been a turtle fan, and stop traffic to get the little fools out of the road whenever I can. Even had one as a pet growing up - which is why this cute and touching story from The 'splorin' Wolfies had me smiling bigtime. Tell Saige thanks for observing catch and release etiquette!

I was late to the party, but was no less happy for it when I saw that Luna celebrated a birthday recently. Nigel thinks Luna is a looker, and who are we to argue? Send belated wishes to Elizabeth and Luna this Friday.

I hope you weren't counting this week - it looks like I lost my abacus. And again, that little plus sign gets us off on a technicality. Truth be known, I'd get everyone in, but the Friday Five Hundred just doesn't sound the same.

Enjoy the blogs of our friends as we do, and tell them we sent you. Be well and enjoy the weekend!

P.S. Our apologies to IE browser users who could not load Unsubscribe yesterday morning. Blogger and IE were getting along like Jon and Kate for a few hours there.

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The Friday Five

Welcome to the end of the week, and what is quickly becoming a new favorite for me - the Friday Five. Five blogs that we noticed in our travels this week. We'll recommend that you stop by, but first we have to thank Secret Mom Thoughts for being kind enough to pass the following award to us!

We are ordinary and not so awesome, so this was a huge surprise. Thanks!

Now on to this list of five fun visits for the week. And the accompanying prop - the Gold Hydrant Award. This trinket of little to no value is yours to display, or not. No questions to answer, no need to pass it along, no rules, no strings. Brag to your friends or run away in shame. Either way, we're hurling this at you because we think you rock.

Let's dig in to the list. It was a fun week to tour the blogosphere...

I hate the kitchen. Despise it really. And I like horses, even if I fear that they will trample me. And I like the Wizard of Oz. So what the hell does that add up to? A great, easy recipe from Oz Girl from an older post caught my attention, but did not distract me from some beautiful, big sky pictures posted more recently. Have a look!

Next up, A Dog's Beach. We are landlocked, and love the beach, so this is a great escape. We have been enjoying this blog for some time, so visit Jen and the gang and get some sand in your toes!

Speaking of beaches, check out this post from Martha and Bailey. They hit the beach for some fun, thwarted the advances of a butt sniffing dog from Holland, and shared some scenic pics from a recent walk for your enjoyment.

Our fourth selection, Expressive Papers. If you love flowers, you'll be hooked in no time. But look a little closer - Jan is a Greyhound lover! She even has some very cool hand made cards with Greyhounds on them. Find your way through the archives and say hello to Harley!

Finally, meet our friend Norwood from Norwood Unleashed. He is all fun! Tag along for the Whisker Walk, some frisbee stars and a pile of Pugs I'd bring home if I could. Tell him we sent you.

Here is hoping that your week was splendid - and if it was not, our Friday tour should do the trick. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dance Lessons, $1

I suppose it was only a matter of time. Nigel has taken up dancing of late, and he really does enjoy spending his free time hanging out in the river. I also noticed him paying very close attention to Dancing With the Stars this season. And speaking in an Irish accent at times.

Still, I was not fully prepared for what I found when Sola and I took a walk down to the river this morning.

What do you think? Have we unwittingly discovered the other Lord of the Dance?


Nigel's Riverdance

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Underdog

Face it, we all love a comeback story. Something about the strength of will is so compelling that we love to see examples of the little guy coming out on top. In this case, that would be physically impossible, but we'll get to that.

Another love parcel arrived yesterday.

And check out the cover on this one!

There was no doubting the origin of this package. It was from Rory, another Pennsylvania pooch who has grown more than a bit fond of Truffles. Rory has made his love for Fudgepants well known on Facebook, challenging Chester with regularity. The two of them have been at it for the last week or so, and it came as no surprise to see Rory make a move.

For his beloved, a letter:
(click to enlarge)

Truffles ran out to get some fresh air after reading it. We dug further in to the box to discover... you guessed it, a beautiful new collar!

While we inspected her gift, Truffles debated the possibilities.

We brought her back in and showed her what she had neglected, Rory's love offering.

Apparently, Fudgepants still had Easter on the brain, and needed a little help.

Truffles spent the rest of the day wearing her collar, worrying a corner of her blanket and fretting. I was about to come get her when she emerged from the dog room, the look of victory in her grin.

Author: "Have you decided?"

Truffles: "Yep."

Author: "And?"

Truffles: "I said yes to Chester, and I can't go back on my word. Besides, he mentioned gravy first. And think about the Rory thing - if I say no, I crush him now. If I say yes, I crush him later, if you know what I mean."

Author: "I guess I understand, but it's sure sad for Rory. Do tell me - why the big smile?"

Truffles: "I learned something important in the process."

Sorry, Rory.