Friday, November 20, 2009

Dairyland: The Real Story

Those who run in Greyhound circles have likely heard about the closing of the Dairyland Greyhound Park in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Many posts are to be found on discussion forums and Facebook, and I have received twenty three messages regarding the shutdown. A moron put a bogus post on Craigslist about 900 dogs in danger of being put down.

There are a few versions of the story, but the most accurate information available thus far is as follows:

•The track is indeed closing December 31st 2009.
•The exact number of dogs is not yet known, but is likely to be well below 900. Some will be moved to other tracks to continue to race. Exact numbers will be known in mid December.
•Relocation planning is already taking place. I would encourage anyone who wants to assist to contact the track directly (as I did) or to contact Greyhound adoption groups in Wisconsin and surrounding states.
•The facility will stay open until all dogs are relocated. They will not euthanize. 


Link to groups who are already arranging for adoption of these dogs:

If you are not affiliated with rescue groups, but have at some point considered adopting a Greyhound, this is a great time to do so. There are going to be a lot of newbies flooding the market.

Happy Friday dog lovers.



  1. Oh man, I hope they find homes for all the dogs that are being retired. Vizsla rescue has been swamped with dogs for at least a year now.

  2. We wish we could offer a home - hope they find homes in time for xmas!

  3. Always interesting how these stories mushroom. Same thing happens in Siberian circles around large mushing operations. Sounds like they are trying to do it the best way possible.

  4. At least Wisconsin has better laws than Florida, and the facility will stay open until all the dogs are relocated. It's at times like this that the greyhound community comes together best.

  5. There's some good news here...more greathounds living a real life, one less dogtrack and no euthanaia. I cna't get my great hound, yet...but one day...

  6. Sad to think that there will be so many needing homes.
    Are you guys going to write your ADOPTION STORIES for posting on Thanksgiving Day??? It just might be a good way to encourage a good family to take in one of those poor track dogs.

  7. We sure do hope that all these doggies find their forever homes! So glad that you all are helping them!!

    Woofs and Kisses!

  8. Thank you for posting the truth. Its so annoying when stuff is over dramatized and over shadows the work that needs to be done everyday.


  9. I had just re-posted the "900 dogs" thing on my FB page, and then I saw your blog post. I've promptly shared this so that anyone who might have been confused by the original post could get more specific information here.

    Thanks for this post, Nigel! And here's hoping all these dogs can find happy and loving homes.


  10. Best wishes that every greyhound is placed! We were told that our sweet Puddin was "left behind" when a kennel closed. Thankfully, she was found by caring people. She is such an amazing girl and deserves the best (which we give her of course!), just like so many of those beautiful greyhounds that will be waiting for a home in Wisconsin.

  11. Thanks for posting the rest of the story. I hate it when the truth is obscured by sensationalism. Kind of gets in the way of the work that actually needs to be done.

  12. Funny how these stories get to convoluted as they spread on the internet, eh?

    Thanks for clearing it up.

  13. We knew woo would be the fountain of truth (and vodka) fur this!

    My next door neighbour is a reskhued flatdog - she's furry beaWOOtiful!

    Khyra&Merdie too

  14. Hi, thanks for visiting me. Do drop by often :)

    Hope all the lovely greyhounnd can find a home soon.


  15. Woof! Thanks for the information. Hope they can find great homes for them. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  16. Thanks so much for taking the time and making the effort to get the real scoop here, Mr. A, and for sharing it.

    I'm glad the situation isn't quite as dire-sounding as when I first heard about it, but of course, I am also hopeful that each and every one of these wonderful dogs finds a forever home, through the efforts of greyhound adoption groups and special folks like you across the country.

  17. I am relieved that the facility will stay open until all hounds are placed. I was worried about that. There is no better pet than a Greyhound....well Dobermans are kind of up there too! ;-)

    We will spread the word about adoptions though!

  18. We do not run in greyhound circles as they are likely to eat us, lol.
    We really hope they find all the dogs good homes, there are a lot of greyhound rescue dogs where we live, thank goodness people are aware of what loving companions they make.
    Wags and kisses, Dinah, Bridget and Elliot xx

  19. Anonymous1:07 PM

    i sure hope they find homes too. Maybe Nigel will get a girl friend his size?

  20. Thank you for this very informative post. Love your blog and plan of visiting in person often. 2 paws up!!!

  21. It is always nice to hear the real story. We are also hoping that all the greyhounds find furrever homes quickly!


  22. Dairyland is a great track and we're sorry to see it go! Our boy Hawk raced there. I know they'll do right by all the dogs there!

  23. 1. I have learned to be very cautious about the "dogs that need good homes" postings on Craigslist. Any time I see one of those on our Craigslist I run it by our local animal rescue group, Friends of Pets. They always know the hoaxes

    2. Good luck to all the wonderful dogs that will be out there needing new homes. I was introduced this past summer to two BEAUTIFUL all black greyhounds who were with their new forever home.... Belmar and Doubles... they are very sweet pups!!

  24. Hope all those friends find homes. Mu uncle has two rescued greyhounds.
    Happy Friday
    Benny & Lily

  25. My human tried to adopt a Greyhound from Fl and they said Greyhounds have to live in yards with fences or they run away. (This was before they got me and of course I'm perfect)

    Is it true that Greyhounds have to have fences?


    Hoover BPD

  26. I am so happy to hear that the greyhounds will be able to stop racing and start living! I will keep my paws crossed that all those dogs find wonderful forever homes! Thanks for informing us on the news.


  27. Thanks for posting the truth! Our thoughts will be with all the dogs at Dairyland. :)

  28. We sure hope all those dogs find good homes. It seems like there is a decent plan in place, now for it to work out.

    woos, the OP Pack

  29. thanks. i got a notice and just spread the word. easier to do from here, aus, than to call around. it's a different world from racing in aus. no dogs live at the tracks here. they all live with trainers, so i'm unfamiliar with numbers.

    will share on FB.