Wanted: your dog!

One of our primary objectives has been to create a community of like-minded dog lovers, and to foster an environment of sharing. To that end, Life With Dogs is now accepting reader submissions. Send us your pictures or video footage, or breaking news and we'll share selected submissions with gratitude and enthusiasm.

There are no rules: but keep in mind that the more funny, interesting, or unique your submission is, the more likely it is to be shared. Landscapes, poses, play shots, and video footage are often popular choices. So send us your favorites - we'll share the love if you'll share your dog!

Submit to:

*Note: For the next few weeks, we will be accepting submissions for a big video project that I'd love to wrap up before May 1st June 1st (this is ambitious). This is a fun one, mainly because it is all about you - and your dog. Expect it to come in around four to five minutes. Our dogs will not be featured - they may appear briefly, but I expect this to involve one or two hundred dogs when all is said and done. I dare not disclose the details of the project or I'll kill the fun factor. That said, I will make this promise: it will be in good taste (gasp!) and I promise not to Photoshop anything. Really. But I need specific pictures and video footage. So if you have your dog in either format doing any of the following, please e-mail me: (

Playing in a hallway. Or laying. Or standing.
Doing anything in the outdoors. Of course, cute and/or funny helps.
Doing anything involving a table - standing on it, begging, laying under it. The table must be visible.
Leaving the house - shot from inside or out.
Doing anything on or around a couch.
Being checked out by a vet.
Busted trashing anything - the more destruction in the pic, the better.

This will be a blast once completed - so keep those pics and videos coming!