Flat Nigel

There is a touching story behind all of this, and for context, see the following first:
An Early Thanksgiving 
Where In The World is Nigel Buggers?

Now that you know the backstory, let's drop in on some recent appearances. He's everywhere I want to be!

It goes without saying that sustenance is required  for a proper adventure. Chopsticks are optional.

A brief dip makes acclimation a snap.

Keep your hands off me booty. Arrgh.

That's more like it. Free dinner is always a hit.

I hope he asked to sniff the cork first.

I think it's safe to say that Nigel is the only flat thing in this pic.

A very brave couple entertains a stranger at their wedding on the beach.


That is most unfortunate. Ladies, feel free to disagree.  :)

Don't say I didn't warn you, Next stop, Vegas!

The Bellagio. I smell trouble!

I sense a theme emerging as the pics continue to pour in.

Nigel dines with his Vegas trip sponsor.

Now this is promising! Which way to the groupies?

Bingo. The king and the jester.

Panhandling becomes him. He's been practicing.


I hope that doesn't mean our blog is being bumped from its usual time slot!

Rumor has it that one fan can't wait for the print to show up in the mail, and has already started practicing...

Sadly, the next place we find him...surrounded by cats.  :(

Making great new friends.

(He's around the corner.)

Working the local meet and greet!

Beach combing.

Pushing his luck.

Knocking boots?

Cheering up a friend in the hospital.

Stopping to smell the flowers.

Just chilling.


Almost famous!

Minding the store.

North of the border.



Gambling away his retirement fund.


Breaking the rules.

Of course, antics like these can wear on a hound, so after a long journey, he likes to pop into the vet and have a little work done!

 More updates soon. Thanks to all for taking our boy out for a walk!