Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Greyhound Rescue Initiative

This Thursday, an issue near to our hearts. It's no secret that we are partial to Labs and Greyhounds. Both breeds are easygoing, sweet, and relatively easy to live with as far as large dogs go. This is not to say that we do not appreciate all breeds - it's just not possible to have one of each!

That said, there is something about Greyhounds that is different. Many Greyhound owners will tell you the same, and struggle for the words to define that difference when asked to do so. Words like sweet, kind, and gentle are often used in conversations about them. All are accurate. What really sticks with me, though, is a very real sense of innocence in the majority of these dogs.

This innocence is not something you glean from pictures or the written word. It is necessary to spend time in the presence of these noble, loving, and incredibly grateful animals in order to understand. That said, the objective of this undertaking is rather simple: to facilitate more meetings between Greyhounds and potential adopters. The best method we know is the sharing of information, and our first task starts with this thread.

Below you will find a list of links to rescue organizations. There are many sources of such links available online. Often, for political or philosophical differences, these lists exclude certain organizations in favor of others. While it is understandable that some in the animal rescue community do not see eye to eye, it is not our desire to judge individual rescue organizations. We simply hope to build the most comprehensive and up to date list of Greyhound rescue links available, politics aside. A big picture approach to an issue worthy of it.

Rarely do we ask anything from our readers - but in this case, we do ask this: if you know anyone with a Greyhound, please share this with them. They may have adopted from a great rescue org that just has not made it on to our list yet. Or perhaps the next person they pass this along to will offer up another worthy suggestion for the list. Watch the list grow in the coming days and weeks!

Help us to help these wonderful dogs if you have any information that may be beneficial. Please leave a comment with suggested links (you may do so easily and anonymously if you prefer). We'll collect these links and continue to add them to the list. Links to articles on health and behavior will be added to this post as time permits, so please feel free to leave suggestions. If you hear of any organizations that have been found guilty of abuses, of course we would like to know. Please also let us know if you discover broken links - this list has been assembled quickly, in the wee hours of the night, under conditions of severe sleep deprivation. :)

While we are on the topic of sleep deprivation, it occurred to me late one evening that it might be fun to make a little something to help promote this effort. As always, we decided to sprinkle it with our own unique blend of herbs and spices. We think you'll agree that we captured a little of that Life With Dogs flavor in the process.

Who doesn't love stickers? Here is a great, fun way to bring a little attention to the issue, and to this link directory - which will now have feature a link on the sidebar of this page in perpetuity. Two dollars gets you one of these fine bumper adornments, lets the world know you care, and may just help to introduce a hound in need to a loving home. Funds collected will be used to print more stickers and mail them out. The remainder will be donated to some of the same rescue organizations found in this list. Fun! *Watch for a post immediately following this one for ordering info. If you just can't wait, send an e-mail to And BrittBeah gets credit for being a mind reader, a fridge magnet is coming soon!

Please help in any way that you are able. I know with certainty that these magnificent animals would thank you if they could.

Birmingham Greyhounds

Homes For Hounds

Mid-South Greyhound Adoption Option

Arizona Adopt A Greyhound
Arizona Greyhound Rescue

Racing Home Greyhound Adoption
Greyhounds 2 Go Adoptions

Adopt-A-Star Greyhound Agency
Golden State Greyhound Adoption

GPA CA - Orange county and greater LA
Greyhound Adoption Center

Greyhound Friends For Life
Homestretch Greyhound Rescue and Adoption
Operation Greyhound
Wine Country Greyhound Adoption

Greyhound Adoption California

Recycled Racers 
Friends of Retired Greyhounds
Colorado Greyhound Adoption

Connecticut Greyhound Adoption

Greyhound Rescue and Rehabilitation
We Adopt Greyhounds

Greyt Expectations Greyhound Rescue
Greyhound Welfare Inc.

GAF Northeast Chapter
First State Greyhound Rescue 

GREAT Greyhounds
Friends of Greyhounds
Greyhound Adoptions of Florida

Greyhound Ranch Adoptions, Inc.
Homeward Bound Greyhounds

Joey's Greyhound Friends
Second Chance for Greyhounds
The Greyhound Gang of Florida

Adopt a Greyhound Atlanta
Greyhound Friends of Augusta
Greyhounds Galore
GSRA Greyhound Adoptions

Southeastern Greyhound Club

Greyhound Rescue of Idaho
Greyhound Pets, Inc. 

REGAP of Illinois
Midwest Greyhound Adoption
Central Illinois Greyhound Adoption 

All Star Greyhounds 
American Greyhound

Heartland Greyhound Adoption
Quad City Greyhound Adoption

Kansas City REGAP
TLC Greyhound Adoption

Greyhound Rescue and Adoption of Kentucky
Shamrock Greyhound Placement

Greyhound Pets of America

Maine Greyhound Placement Service 

A Greyhound's Wish 
Greyt Expectations Greyhound Rescue 
Greyhound Rescue, Inc.
Greyhound Welfare Inc 

Amazing Greyz Inc.
Greyhound Friends
Greyhound Welfare Inc

Renewed Life for Greyhounds

Greyheart Greyhound Rescue and Adoption
REGAP Michigan   
Grey Heart 
Allies for Greyhounds of West Michigan
Greyhounds of Eastern Michigan 
Greyhounds Make Greyt Pets

Greyt Hounds of Eastern Michigan
Michigan Greyhound Connection
REGAP of Michigan

Second Chance for Greyhounds

Rochester REGAP Minnesota

Kansas City Retired Greyhounds as Pets
Rescued Racers Missouri


(Served by groups in surrounding states)
Please submit your link.

New Hampshire 
Greyhound Placement Service of NH *We can offer a strong personal recommendation for this one. Our first hounds were introduced to us by Michele. Tell her we sent you!
Greyhound Welfare Inc
Fast Friends

New Jersey
GAF Northeast Chapter
Greyhound Friends New Jersey
New Jersey Greyhound Adoption Program

New Mexico
Greyhound Companions of New Mexico
New Mexico Greyhound Connection

New York 
Finger Lakes Adopt A Grey (FLAAG)
Gorges Greyhounds NY
Grateful Greyhounds of New York
Greyhound Rescue Adoption Team
Greyhound Rescue & Rehabilitation
Kindred Spirits Greyhound Adoption
Long Island Greyhound Transfer

North Carolina
Project Racing Home

Greyhound Friends of North Carolina
Triangle Greyhound Society

Freedom Greyhound Rescue
Greyhound Adoption of Ohio
Ohio Greyhound Gathering and Adoption (OGGA)
NE Ohio Greyhound Rescue, Inc.
North Coast Greyhound Connection

Hounds of the Heartland
Halfway Home Greyhound Adoption

Oregon Greyhound Adoption
Homes For Hounds

First State Greyhound Rescue
GAF Northeast Chapter

Keystone Greyhounds

Nittany Greyhounds

Philly Greyhound Connection
Personalized Greyhounds, Inc.
Pocono Greyhound Adoption

Make Peace With Animals
Rainbow's End Greyhound Rescue

Steel City Greyhounds

Rhode Island 
Greyhound Welfare Inc.
Lincoln Greyhound Adoption Program

South Carolina 
Forthehounds, Inc

Greyhound Crossroads
Greyhound Lifesavers

South Dakota

Please submit your link.

Greyhound Rescue Foundation of Tennessee
GPA Nashville

Castle Greyhound Rescue of Texas

Greyhound Gang
Second Chance Greyhounds

Blue Ridge Greyhound Adoption
Greyhound Welfare Inc.

Greyt Expectations Greyhound Rescue

Greyhound Rescue of Vermont
Northern Greyhound Adoptions *The source of a hound named Nigel. Don and Dorothy are great people, please support them!


West Virginia
Fast Friends Greyhound Rescue

Heart Bound Greyhound Adoption
GPA Wisconsin

Please submit your link.


International Rescue Links

The Greyhound Fan Club

Friends of the Hound


Greyhound Rescue Belgium
Greyhounds in Need Belgium


Adopt-A-Greyhound of Central Canada

Puget Sound Greyhound Adoptions

Levriers en Detresse

Greyhound Protection International e.V.

St. Greyhounds Rescue

Dog Rescue Ireland

Ireland Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Limerick Animal Welfare

Greyhound Adopt Center, Italy

Animal Freedom Korea

Korea Animal Protection Society

Greyhounds in Need

Greyhound Action

Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary

United Kingdom
The Greyhound Sanctuary


  1. Wow! What a list. Love the sticker! Does it come in a magnet?
    Here is one more link for Birmingham, AL:

  2. That was truly a labor of love. Good job!

  3. Theresa3:16 AM

    Hi Nigel! I've got two more for Australia (Greyhound Adoption Program Victoria)
    Greyhound Safety Net, also in Victoria, Australia

  4. In Queensland Australia will get you Greyhound Adoption Programme

    Yes you nailed it with that comment about innocence - I always think of mine as 'The Noble Hound"

    Good to see so many groups in the States- no wonder there are so many great greyhound blogs out there!

    Thank you!

  5. Nice idea!

    Although I've never met a labrador I didn't like... I must confess to never having met a greyhound and knowing next to nothing about them other than they have a busline named after them in the U.S. so I guess they must be fast!

    Good luck with this project!


    PS: have you seen this video? I got it in a forward from my Dad so I guess it's been circulating round the web, but for some reason when I saw it it reminded me of your blog...

  6. What an awesome tribute to your special breed!

  7. Excellent job. While our breed of choice is Siberian Husky (and we are thinking for exactly the opposite of a "very real sense of innocence"), we are passionate about rescue since most of The Herd are rescues. We work both with Sibe rescues and our local all-breed rescue.

    I do understand the Greyhound breed some, though. In our last house, our neighbor across the street had the sweetest Greyhound who was rescued. We will also pass along your list.

  8. Mr. Author and Nigel:

    You two rock! I know I often wonder about your rock head, Buggers, but in this case, you simply flat-out rock.

    I agree with the innocence part...except for the new guy who lives down the street; fresh from the track, he still thinks Rory looks remarkably like a rabbit, so his instincts and quick reflexes have caused more than a couple moments of panic as we scream, "Chaucer, get his head out of your mouth, now!" I know Chester would probably pay money to see that! Other than that, they're wonderful animal neigbhors.

    Two rescue groups in the Western part of PA that I know from my friends who have provided five hounds with a forever home is:

    Going Home Greyhounds & Steel City Greyhounds

    Hope that helps!

    Hugs For Your Outstanding efforts...

  9. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Georgia has another greyhound group: Southeastern Greyhound Adoption. Their website is:

  10. What a wonderful way to expose all of us to this greyt breed! TOTALLY tremendous post.

    The bumper sticker ROCKS! I hope many greyhounds are rescued because of this project.

    Poor Dad! I can see where this is gonna have Mom on her adoption soapbox again. If it was up to her, I would have a brother.

    Woofs and rescued slobbers,

  11. That is a great post - we know there are various greyhound rescues in Scotland so we will look those out. After all you are a worldwide blog! xxx

  12. The Oklahoma link is currently broken. Thank you for doing this. I've always been able to tell by the greyhound's eyes that there's something special there. I hope many find homes due to your post.

  13. Awesome list!!! It's great to see so many resources!!! Although I don't have a greyhound, myself, I have worked with many OT greyhounds. and definatly agree. There is something very special about the rescued greyhounds.

  14. Faith's Mom9:24 AM

    Another excellent Texas organization is Greyhounds Unlimited.

  15. You forgot us! Please add Southeastern Greyhound Adoption to your Georgia list! Thanks. Love the sticker, might have to get one for my GH Bus.


  16. In Pennsylvania, I have worked with Personalized Greyhounds ( and Pocono Greyhound Adoption ( One of our greys came from Personalized, and two from Pocono Greyhound. Both are highly respected. PGA just celebrated is 5th year and their 200 grey placed in a forever home!
    We also have a shepherd/collie mix and a chow/shepherd mix. Every animal is special, but greyhounds are truly gentle animals, and the work that the greyhound groups do to analyze the dogs personality to place them in the right home goes above and beyond the other rescue groups.

  17. Great Idea! But the Friends of Rescued Greyhounds link seems to be broken.

  18. don't forget the link to .
    This will link you to all the chapters of Greyhound Pets of America. You haven't yet listed the two I have been involved with in South Carolina and Arizona.
    The South Carolina group also has a prison foster program and my own Onyx went through it. Yes, that's right, Onyx went to jail LOL
    Thank you so much for doing this.
    Also the Galgo Rescue International Network (GRIN) is in Colorado. I have had the pleasure of helping them before. They do a fantastic job of briniging awareness to the plight of the galgo (or Spanish greyhound).
    Onyx Star says roo !

  19. I don't think I saw - Virginia Greyhound Adoption-
    Greyhound Rescue Inc. (West Virginia)-

    But my most helpful suggestion would be:

  20. Thanks for the info. We are sending it along to all who may be interested.

  21. Great post. Extra lovin' for Nigel.

    I see you have a link for Tucson, AZ. Here is one for the Phoenix area:
    We did not adopt through this organization but found them after we moved to AZ. They are a very active group and definitely have the hounds' best interest at heart. We even found a 'babysitter' (well, they ARE our babies!) through their organization - something that had not been available to us before we came to AZ.

  22. Anonymous12:25 PM

    I have three to add for pennslyvania:

    Monica's Heart
    Nittany Greyhounds
    Rainbow's End Greyhound Rescue

  23. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Hi from western SC. We have a greyt group in Clemson called For The Hounds. My current 3 babies came from here.

  24. Khool post!

    Of khourse, I'm partial to Sibe Reskhues but I'll race woo fur it!


  25. Wow thats a lot of information.. furry good :)
    Yah - bout Bells mishap w/the Juice Boxes - they weren't an issue for the vet LOL... (completely personal) maybe she likes juice so what! Ha ha.. I wasn't home, but got the update. Things have been a bit difficult @ home for the young girl - but hopefully things get better the older she gets. :)

  26. I love Greyhounds and wouldn't be opposed to owning one OTT in the future. This is a very helpful post for many, I'm sure :)

  27. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Hiya, Greyt site!

    Some Greyhound rescue links in UK for u..

    Lisa :)

  28. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Michigan: Allies for Greyhounds of Western Michigan (AFGWM)
    Canada: SAGAA: Southern Alberta Greyhound Adoption Assoc., Northwestern Canada Greyound Rescue League, Chinook Winds Greyhound Rescue.

  29. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Canada: Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada, located in Nova Scotia. Wonderful group that I volunteer for

  30. Italian Greyhounds are also a good breed. I luv Curious George. He came from the El Paso Animal Rescue Group. He defintly has his own personality.He's my Velcro buddy.Boy can this dog run & jump but also a big charmer. He thinks he's human!!

  31. We used to have a neighbor with a rescued Greyhound. The first time Merci saw it, she was terrified of his size. He must have reminded Sam of the size of his mother, as they bonded instantly. Buddy wasn't sure about a dog that wouldn't play with a tug toy.

  32. This is absolutly WONDERFUL!!! Thank you so very much for doing all the work at putting this together. I will pass it along to all my and Buddy's friends.

  33. such an initiative deserves a nice juicy award! and I have one waiting for you over at my place! :o)

  34. Gee guys ya sure are doin' a great service helpin' out dogs that are in need of a good home....a neighbor of ours years ago brought a greyhound rescue home that they had just picked up at the of 'em let the dog out of the car before the garage door was completely shut and it took off.....never ta be seen again....least not around it true ya can never let a greyhound run loose?

    With the 3 of us here, Gram says we just can't have anymore doggies around....travelin' with us is gettin' harder the older they get and we never get sent ta the kennel.....

    Dewey Dewster here....

  35. We have several rehomed greyhounds in our immediate neighborhood. And everything you say about them is so true. We applaud you for your efforts.

    Hugs, the OP Pack

  36. Lovely longggggg post :)
    In our Country are not so many Greyhounds,
    but I like the dogs, they are very funny and sweet !!
    Thanks for your information :)

  37. Friend of ours recently adopted a rescued greyhound and the are in love with him. His name is "Lucky" and I think both he and his new parents are just that!

  38. what a wonderful post!

  39. Just wanted to let you know you might enjoy readig my Saturday post!

  40. Anonymous2:51 PM

    For CT, please consider adding Connecticut Greyhound Adoption ( In MA, for consideration: Amazing Greyz ( and Greyhound Welfare Inc, NE chapter (

    Many thanks for this undertaking! :)

  41. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Oh, I forgot one! In RI, there's the Lincoln Greyhound Adoption program ( The website is almost never updated. However, June is a great lady and the program always has greys available. Definitely worth a look!

  42. Greyhound Welfare - two chapters. The Mid-Atlantic Chapter places in MD, VA, DC and parts of WV and PA. The New England Chapter places in MA, RI and parts of NH.

  43. Thank you so much for this post about the Greyhounds. Through the Southern Alberta Greyhound Association I adopted my boy, Cody, well, actually he adopted me on the way back from the US during a trip to bring back 24 for adoption. I have volunteered many countless hours and have bought approximately 150 Greyhounds from the US to Calgary for adoption. There is nothing like the Greyhound. We are so blessed to have them in our lives and God bless you and everyone who has adopted a Greyhound. We need to find forever homes for all of these guys. ( - Southern Alberta Greyhound Association and Adoption and - Chinook Winds)

  44. is the link for Mid-South Greyhound Adoption Option (MSGAO) in West Memphis, Arkansas. I adopted my wonderful boy Winchester from there a year ago this July 14th. They are a wonderful group. I board Winchester with them whenever I have to leave him and he is always happy to go in and see them again.

  45. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Just a note regarding Homes for Hounds in Oregon. While they do a wonderful job adopting out the greys, they do not take full responsability for their future like the GPA NW people do. I recently found a person that wanted to get rid of her 13 yr old grey (lived with her for 7yrs-dont ask as I dont get it either). Homes for Hounds would take him back but due to his inability to be adopted to another home, they would just keep him in a kennel until he died. I stepped in and said I would bring him to the annual GPA picnic to see if I could find him a foster home. How can anyone allow a retired old grey to go BACK to a kennel???
    GPA agreed to help find a foster and pay for his expenses even though he came from Homes for Hounds. Result: I have a wonderful 13 yr old greyhound foster to add to my family but GPA is there supporting us 100%. So if I have my rathers, use GPA NW and not Home for Hounds. Sometimes it goes beyond just finding an initial home for these guys as you know how many get returned for various reasons and we need organizations whose goal is to keep ALL retired greyhounds out of the kennels and placed into warm loving homes with people even if it is a foster home and not a permanent home.
    Please note: My 13yr old has a permanent home with me and wont be moving on to anyone else. He is a real sweetie

  46. What about WI dude?

    I got Henry from a rescue. Skipped the puppy crapping all over my carpet stage and everything.

    Best dog evah ;)


  47. bev doan3:19 AM

    Nevada - Greyhound Pets of America, Las Vegas

  48. Actually, there are nearly 60 GPA chapters nationwide...

  49. Anonymous3:20 PM

    California chapter of GPA

  50. Kodus! this links would be a great help for a lot of people.