Thursday, June 04, 2009

Stick With Us!

Just three dollars gets you one of these fine bumper adornments, lets the world know you care, and may help to introduce a hound in need to a loving home. Funds collected will be used to print more stickers and mail them out. The remainder will be donated to some of the rescue organizations found in our rescue link list in the post below.


Size: Standard bumper sticker, 3" x 10" (A square version will be available in two weeks).
Weight: Less than a Greyhound.
Cool Factor: 10
Price: $3, shipping included
Payment: Credit card or bank transfer via PayPal OR check or money order.
To order: Send an e-mail with desired quantity and shipping address to:
Please indicate if paying by check or money order, and we will send a payment address. Allow three to six days for delivery via USPS.


  1. Always great to help animals! Thank goodness for people like you. We are getting a "used" dog (or pre-loved) on Friday. A little smaller than a greyhound though - a rat terrier. Any advice for a new dog owner?

  2. You first dog ever? If so, I don't know where to start! I think Terrier forums might be your new second home! :)

  3. Mommy just sent my order in! YEAH I love to support a great cause!

  4. You are a good do-bee for Greyhounds.Wish you had a terrier thrown in with your mix of pooches!Krista is in for a fun ride with a terrier!! We give Mommy a workout every day...too bad she's still a pudge. he he. Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRocketdOG AND Hootie

  5. Glad to see Oregon Greyhound Adoption on the list: they are super duper. Thanks for your work.

  6. This is just simply cool...very cool. Rescue dogs rock!