Friday, June 05, 2009

The Friday Five +

Happy Friday all. Here is hoping that you enjoyed a superb week - now let's dig in to some pre-weekend fun!

Our first order of business: another tag we caught (if a bit late) from Dewdana and Moose at Dogtalk.

While our loveliness is very much open for debate, we are no less thankful for the award. You are lovely to have mentioned us. Thank you! And as always, if we have missed a tag feel free to slap us around and make us aware.

Just in time for summer, CrazyCris from Here and There and Everywhere was kind enough to quench our thirst with this, the always refreshing Lemonade Stand.

I think we are suitably bitter, no? Very sweet of you, thanks from our blog to yours.

Another month has escaped us, and it's time to announce a contest winner. Big congrats to Nika and Parker from Woof Talk. You have been randomly selected to receive a new collar of your choice from The Unruly Hound. Say hello to Holly, have fun shopping, and put in your order. We'll get the tab. Enjoy!

Now on to the Friday Five. If you missed us last week, go >here< for the full explanation. Here are five bloggers who have caught our attention for one reason or another this week, and are the newest recipients of our Gold Hydrant award. Copy and paste away if you'd like!

First up this week: Morgan in Pittsburgh. For starters, Morgan has one of the coolest registered names I have seen in some time: Saranac Lunar Eclipse. On top of that, Morgan and family can add AKC's Canine Good Citizen designation to their accomplishment list. Nice going!

Considering a raw diet for your dog? Take a gander at I Eat Raw Meat. Stanislaw and family share some great information, make it a fun read, and may be able to help you decide if a raw diet is a good fit for your dog.

A blog with a cause comes in at number three this week. Dogs Deserve Freedom gets a nod for always putting animals first, and for offering up interesting information in the process.

Ready to put on your thinking cap? Good, because we lost ours a long time ago. Drop by Your Mother Knows But Won't Tell You. A vast range of topics await you - some controversial, some not - but all will get your wheels spinning!

The gang at Fleas Blog has the cute factor turned up pretty high these days. The header pic alone is enough to make you saw awww, but check out Morning snoozin' and tell me you don't want to squeeze those noses.

There you have it, another Friday Five. Another week gone in a flash, but it has been great to set aside time to make our way around and check in on our blogging friends. We hope you will as well.


  1. Yaayy, are we first?? OMG I think we are....unless someone else sneaks in before us! We just came over to say hi cos it's ages since we HI! And ummm....what's all this about Chester & Truffles???????
    Have a great weekend guys n gals!
    Slobbers xx

  2. Hahahaha, we're second too :D

  3. Woo hoo yes!

    Great choices!

    PeeEssWoo: I've been khalled a tease why not! They are furry khute khanines - trust me!

  4. My Dear Buggers & Mr. Author- Mother here...well not your real mother, but Your Mother Knows...I am truly honored. Not just saying the right thing, here, really meaning it...

    If you come to me to get some tiddy bits of stuff to gnaw on and mull over, I am grateful. For, it's the only way I can try to repay the countless hours of fun and out-right laughs I've had because of the work you both do here.

    From one grateful blogger to two of the best bloggers in Blog Land! Thank you so much for this one. And, congratulations to all the fine recipients.

    People may not understand why we do and are so passionate about it...but then again, they may be the very same people who can't understand why our dogs are a central part of how we define ourselves and our lives.

    To that I say, "Let 'em wonder! We all know what makes life worth living!!"


  5. Love your blog and it's just up my alley! Thanks for following grannymountain.
    joy c.

  6. Thanks for the shout out! We like your fancy award banner. We have to mention that we fail to mention the most important thing about raw feasting on our blog -

    Testing our your humans' food before they cook it and eat it themselves. If dogs don't make sure that food is safe for our people to eat, then who will?? I highly suggest you approach your folks with that argument. Let them know of your concern for their safety and that it'll help you to sleep better at night.

    Indeed. Indeed.

  7. Excellent blogs for pet lovers. All of them! And yours as well, of course. I may be hanging in the background much of the time, but I very much enjoy my visits. :) Peace to you. xox

    P.S. I started incorporating raw meat into Zeke's diet a couple of years ago and it's made a huge difference in his energy, coat, teeth, and overall health and happiness. Thanks for introducing me to the "I Eat Raw Meat" blog. Looking forward to checking them out. :)

  8. Very cool brain research for dogs in the I Eat Raw Meat post... thanks! Keep up the Friday Five, please! You've created a valuable piece of real estate in bloggerdom. :)

  9. Great picks for your award! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  10. Definitely deserving of all the awards! My coworkers and I were just talking about your "Strange P" post and laughing. :)

  11. Whoo hoo love Holly! Congrats girl!!! Wonderful woofy blog!! Sarah

  12. I second the shout-out for Morgan's blog! Happy Friday!

  13. Congratulations on your awards!
    Have a great friday!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. Congrats on all the awards! You deserve them all! Have a great weekend.


  15. Congrats on the awards! I have been slacking on reading blogs lately, so your list will get me going again!
    Have a Happy weekend!

  16. Congratulations on your Awards - you deserve them.
    Have the best weekend.
    Martha & Bailey xx

  17. Great picks again this week. Congrats to all those receiving awards! ~Twix

  18. We are very, truly grateful and honored for your award. Thank-you so much.
    Your pal, Morgan

  19. Just came by to say "hey!" Guess I will go check out the blogs you listed...thanks!

  20. The Fleas Gang header did make my Jeannie go "aaaaaawwwwwww" indeed!

    Have a great weekend and thanks for the interesting links too!

    love and many licks, Marvin xxxxx

    Love from Jeannie xxxxxx (no licks I am afraid!) ;0D

  21. Thank you so much for the condolences for my little Lexi. It means alot to us.

  22. Congratulations on your awards!

    We wanted you to know that the dog Sailor, the one that Rescue Ink was rescuing is now at the sanctuary. There he will spend the rest of his life!!

  23. Wonderful choices for Friday Five!

  24. Yay for awards, you are very deserving! We want to thank you for turning us on to some great blogs!

  25. Great picks for passing on the awards! I think your more tart than lemonade sweet. Hee hee just the way I like it.


  26. Congrats on your award and thanks for the winning! I am away from Parker at the moment, i'm at my family's in Zurich, and haven't updated or read any of my favorite blogs in 2 weeks - i'm on a withdrawl. Thanks again and as soon as i get back I will let Parker know what we've won and we'll quickly choose a new collar for him - THANKS!

  27. Gratulations with your awards :)
    Lovely blog you have !!