Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop Kickoff!

As promised, it's time to get the party started. Full details are here, and I'll summarize again below. Get those links in and have fun!
  •  Link up your blog name and URL using the Linky Tool below. You only need to add your link once to be seen on all the Saturday Pet Blogger Blog Hop Linky Tools for that week. 
  •  Grab the "Saturday Pet Blogger Blog Hop" button and include it in your Saturday Blog hop post so that your readers will know what is going on. *Note - posting is optional. Feel free to just link and follow.
  •  Follow your co-hosts listed in the first 3 slots of the Linky Tool.
  •  Follow as many other blogs on the linky as you'd like
  •  Take a moment to comment on the blogs telling them you're from the blog hop.
  •  Follow back when you get a new follower through the Saturday Pet Bloggers Blog Hop

Life With Dogs


  1. It's a great idea and hopefully I'm not technically baffled enough to mess up adding the link to the post! You are always full of bright ideas!

  2. Who-hoo! I'm there!

  3. Thanks for co-hosting the blog hop. I've met another greyhound, a cool cat, and I'm on my way to many others this rainy morning. If I can't trot off to the Tulip Fest with the Newf (not without mounds of mud, at least), I can hop to other fun places from the comfort of my couch. This works mighty fine. :)

  4. I have fun doing a lot of Photo Meme's but this is my first writing one. Thanks everyone for putting it together

  5. Oh this is going to keep me busy...

  6. Do you really think I was going to let you dogs have all the fun?
    your cat pal,

  7. Meow.meow..
    I join also next time :P

    ((hugs)) Kareltje =^.^=

  8. What a great idea!!! We are hopping everywhere today!!


  9. How awesome! I;m in! Now I'll try to include the code to The Daily Tail.. Yay!

  10. Hello! I'm now following your blog from the Pet Blogger Hop! Thanks for hosting this new fun event! Have a great weekend!

  11. I was so looking forward to this Blog Hop but I didn't like the fact that it put ads on my blog and I didn't get a Mr. Linky. When I refreshed the screen, I just got a different ad in place of the first one and still no Mr. Linky. So I didn't participate.

  12. Thank you for helping to make this a reality. Hopefully each week it will become bigger and bigger.

    Not sure we are big fans of the music video in your recent post. The Cavalier was cute but the person singing the song has no emotion.

    Two Little Cavaliers,
    Davinia & Indiana

  13. @sprinkles - something must have gone wrong with the code. I'm seeing this added to all kinds of blogs today and it's ad-free. E-mail me if you want help setting it up for next week.

    Thanks for playing along all - watch this grow, it will be a fun weekend tradition...

  14. Such a great idea! Count us in!


  15. Yay! Back in! Been a crazy two days and won't be able to visit blogs this eve, but free tomorrow to check up on new pals! Great idea...

  16. We are in! Hope Mom did it rite, she just added the button to our post, but not the list, is that okay?

    Great idea, we've been looking for and hopping for more furiends lately

    Grins and Kisses,
    Ying and Yang

  17. This is such a neat idea! I'm so happy to be able to join in!

  18. Hey Hi Awesome! Very cool!

  19. I'm so glad you and Two Little Cavaliers and Baby Patches started this. Nice to meet you. You are now on my follow list.

  20. Hi there! We are glad you decided to sponsor this since we love "meeting" new friends :-)
    We wanted to make sure we commented before we forgot (Mom's memory isn't so great because of her disease)! We are excited to read more of your posts
    Hugs and Tail Wags,
    Dixie (and Lola)