Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sunday Love

Another weekend post. Nothing like a change of schedule to keep things interesting! Read on for an easy shot at winning this one, it's terrific.

Life With Dogs received a copy of the Pet Emergency Pocket Guide for review a few weeks ago from Informed Publishing. It was an instant hit. We have experienced countless veterinary emergencies, so when I first saw this guide I assumed I would already know a fair amount of the information it contained. Wrong. This is a tremendous resource, with an amazing amount of well organized info - especially if you consider how small and easy to carry it is. The tabs make for quick access to any section, and there are answers for just about any tough situation you may find yourself in with your pet.

From the manufacturer:

"This compact tool delivers step-by-step instructions for daily care, first aid, illness and injury assessment, emergency planning, natural disaster preparation and survival, new information on evacuation and sheltering, and a complete section on traveling safely with pets. The guide features tabbed, color-coded and illustrated sections that make it easy to use, with checklists and inventory lists for creating your own pet emergency, travel, and evacuation/shelter kits.

This comprehensive resource is only 3"x5", making it convenient enough to keep at home, at work, in the car or emergency kit. Built to be tough, it is also waterproof, alcohol-fast and tear-resistant."

Impressive. There really is far more packed in to this little booklet than might seem possible. While not exactly cheap (at time of this article suggested retail price is $16.95) there is a mobile download version available for $9.95 if you prefer to load this on your phone and save a few dollars. Either way, if you ever have a need for this resource it will have likely paid for itself many times over - and could very well save the life of your pet. Strongly recommended. Every dog should come with one!

Now for a chance to win a copy (and we only have one) e-mail answers to the following four questions below to

The first reader to answer all four questions correctly wins.

Go to this page.

On the right hand side of the page you can look inside the guide. One of the pages contains information on spaying and neutering, and includes a list of facts.

According to this information, two cats and their surviving offspring can produce how many cats total in ten years?

Now surf the rest of the site and find the dealer locator. From that list, who is the last authorized dealer in the list for the state of California?

Now go to (if you are reading this elsewhere) and answer the following.

In March of this year, Nigel hijacked my Blackberry ;) and ended up receiving sexting messages from another dog. Who was that dog?

In July, Nigel stood next to a fire hydrant and shared his new favorite brand of beer. What is that brand?

A little more fun for our dog loving friends this weekend. It will make me happy to deliver this great resource to the winner. So who will it be?  :)


  1. Sent! In two separate e-mails because I'm an idiot and didn't see all the questions, but, nevertheless, sent. :)

  2. ha, sam! that was me, yesterday...

    Sheesh... you posted 2 hours ago and in the middle of the day. I am going to have to start stalking you, if I want to wins something...

    Good luck to the rest of you. this looks like an awesome win!

  3. Aw missed this one too! The West Coast time difference is really messing me up ;)

  4. 1. 80 million cats
    2. Woodlands Pet Food and Treats
    Mill Valley California
    3. Sola
    4. Bugweiser

  5. Congrats to the winner.... and I'm assuming someone already won this nifty little pocket guide. What a great idea -- Ringo sure knows how to get himself into a pickle, so this guide would be especially useful where he's concerned! :)

  6. I recently bought a 560page book on companion animal first aide. Do you know how to resuscitate a fish? I do, now if only I owned a fish! ;-)