Saturday, October 03, 2009

A Saturday Special

*Update! Two winners submitted entries within six minutes of this posting. Sorry if you missed the contest but there are many more to follow!*

Our first weekend post in ages, and with good reason. I've been saving them up for something special. Like thank-yous.

So thank you for reading. Now how about a chance for a free collar for your dog?

Life With Dogs was fortunate to receive a recent shipment of impressive hand made collars and walking belts from White Pine Outfitters. These are time tested products, designed for performance over flash. Popular with handlers and the sporting crowd, their Soft Slip design is turning out to be popular with Sola as well. A morning walk proved the Soft Slip to be very effective at allowing a bit  control without choking. Bonus points to me for forgetting my camera on our walk remembering to bring my camera tomorrow morning so I can return to this post with a picture of her modeling it.

There are some products that you have to touch, feel and use in order to understand their value. It is immediately apparent that these are strong, supple designs that are made to wear well. According to owner Sheree Bye, White Pine Outfitters products are made to be washed without wear. This is good news to these ears, because our Labs are not the least bit concerned with keeping up appearances, and will put just about anything through a wash test in a day or two of use.

A quick about note from the site:

White Pine began back in 1987 out of a need for a soft, supple collar that was safe to wear, wouldn't damage or stain neck ruff, go on with ease, and allow more control. 

I found the perfect webbing that was strong yet soft and non-staining, combined it with non-corrosive hardware and a limited-slip collar (an old design popular with sled dog drivers), and I had what I was looking for. This was a collar I could safely leave on my dogs and, over time proved it wouldn't damage or stain neck fur. It also went on and off with ease. 

At this point I was hand sewing them for friends, and for their friends; I realized I needed to go into production. Today that original collar is known as the Soft SlipTM

These designs are very popular with owners of long haired breeds because they do not pinch or pull. They will remain with us for long-term testing, along with a really great product - a walking belt that should save my shoulders a bit of groaning with three large dogs to walk. Watch for a future review and chance to win your own!

Now for a chance to snag a collar of your own, just find answers to the questions below and e-mail them to

The first two readers to e-mail correct answers for the questions here will win a Soft Slip collar.  Color choices are limited, so if you have your heart set on a particular color we might not have it. Feel free to inquire via e-mail.

What is the name of the authorized retailer for White Pine Outfitters in the state of new York?

What publication gave a four paw review rating for the White Pine Outfitters Soft Web Long Lines?

Now go to (if you are reading this from elsewhere) and answer the following two questions from the archives on the right-hand side of the page.

In February of this year we explored an unfortunate subject: Truffles and her fascination with kitty litter. This story ended with the troubling discovery that Truffles was using a secret weapon in order to facilitate production. What was she feeding the cat?

In June of this year, Sola had to bid farewell to an old friend who crossed the rainbow bridge. What friend crossed the bridge?

Good luck, and as always, thanks for reading!


  1. Good lukhk to the pawticipants!

    I'll pass since I was furtunate enough to win the khool khollar earlier this year - I wore it proudly last weekend at TOTT!

    I do know The NY Bully Brats mom was soooo furry excited to get a White Pine Walking Belt at the funkhtion!


  2. Thanks to you and your tribe for being so generous! What a great thing to do.

  3. you know me, I love a contest!

    That's not THE STICK those collars are hanging on, is it?

  4. Good luck with the competition - sounds like a fun idea!
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  5. Good luck to all the participants! Since our dogs are free to roam around in our huge garden, we rarely use collars. These look and sound gorgeous however. I'm tempted, but no...

  6. We are long time White Pine users, so will defer to participants who have not discovered their products yet. But great contest.

  7. truffle fed boo seven full boxes of Imodium and sola lost his favourite rainbow trout stuffie :) doyle

  8. Close Doyle! That pesky Ex-Lax escaped your notice. ;)

  9. Mom was just thinkin' yesterday about lookin' into a slip collar because I was draggin' 2 leggers along the C&O Canal and thought it might help me not pull so much. Hmmmm................... ;0=)

    You sly Bugger, you!!!

  10. You have no idea how many collars I have bought for Buddy. Each one rubs his fur off and he gets all red and irritated from them! That is the real reason he always has a bandanna on instead of a collar. I would feel safer if I could find a collar that wont irritate him. I am going to pick one up for him and see how it goes. Thanks for the great info!!