Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Schwag Alert

It's that time again - more freebie fun for our readers awaits!

If you were here last weekend you may have caught our writeup on collars from White Pine Outfitters. If you missed a chance to win one, here is another shot. And a little something extra - a very cool idea that I'm sure someone out there will just love. It's called a High Sierra Walk-A-Belt, and it's a great way to walk your dog(s) while leaving your hands free.

There is a complete writeup here, and let me just add that if you walk multiple dogs as we do, this is a terrific invention that is especially useful for hiking, jogging, or just carrying items for your walks. Very nice!

So today, we'll up the fun factor a bit. The first reader to answer the questions below will have a chance to win a walking belt in red, size medium. Please note that a medium is adjustable between 38" and 56" - keep in mind that this belt is not meant to be worn around the waist - it is designed to  sit at the top of your hips. You may want to measure before playing. But no worries, the second and third winners to accurately answer the questions below will win a collar from White Pines outfitters. Colors and sizes are limited, so if we don't have exactly what you are looking for I'll do my best to accommodate. I will say that we have a decent selection of tiny and giant breed sizes.

So now the game is on. Answer these questions and e-mail them to Hurry! :)

Go to

1. In what year was White Pine Outfitters founded?
2. What is the retail price of the original High Sierra Walk-A-Belt?

Now revisit Life With Dogs and answer the following from the archives on the right hand side of the page.

There is a story about Sola, and the farm from which we acquired her. What was the name of the farmer's wife?

In June of this year, Nigel was excited at the prospect of receiving his favorite magazine by mail. Much to his dismay, the wrong magazine arrived. What was it?

Good luck!


  1. Good lukhk!

    PeeEssWoo: I'll just wait fur my snowy prize!

  2. And in other words now that I answered the questions I have to say that I love the hands free. To say Mesa is a puller is an understatement! We have tried a couple hands free and have loved them. We have been using the gentle leader head halter but people keep thinking she is mean and that it is a muzzle! We have been thinking of changing to hands free :)

  3. I have seen that collar- it's very neat looking!!!

  4. Hands Free??? Heck, I don't have HANDS, I have PAWS. Butt, they did come to me FREE when I was born. Does that count???

  5. THUMBS !!! Do those free hands come with THUMBS, beclaws... I could really use a couple of those things. I just don't think I have the right STUFF to win them in a contesticle.

  6. Looks like I was probably too late for this one. Dang!

  7. We are too late to! It's okay, though! Congratulations to the winner!

    Sam (the other Sam, I suppose...)

  8. I'm sure we were too late, too, but I had a good giggle rereading the story of Sola's origins! I can't believe that the first time I read that was five years ago! Gads!

  9. Me and human Granny and human Papa were out all day and sure we missed out. But love the way them look. Good Luck Pups and humans! <3
    Licks and Wags, Ariel <3

  10. We use those belts to hike The Herd - what better endorsement do you need for a great product? We do replace the carabineer with a stronger one, but that is easy to do and gives great strength to the system.