Thursday, July 30, 2009

mY fRiDAy FivE

Nigel Buggers reporting. Forget you two-leggers and forgive my sloppy post title. I had to get Fudgepants to show me where that pesky capslock key is. Smashed it to bits. If anyone does have a keyboard with a catslock key I want to hear about it.

My simple two-legger left his laptop open for the first time in three years and I'm not missing my chance. I never get enough air time, so this Friday I'm celebrating five things about me and I'm keeping the hydrant and it feels really good.

Truffles: Excuse me Nigel.
Nigel: Yes Fudgepants, what is it?
Truffles: It's Thursday chicken brain.
Nigel: How do you know?
Truffles: You know how two-legger brings home that special piece of paper on Fridays? The one that pays for our dog food?
Nigel: Of course I do.
Truffles: And you know how we get a chewy every day? I've only had six chewies since the last time he grabbed that paper, dog.
Nigel: Oh crap! Where is the back button?!?
Truffles: You're live fool. Roll with it.

Ahem. So where was I? Oh yes...

1. First of all, I just rock.

And not only because I fitted my two-legger with cement boots, as Sola's mastery of the camera clearly shows. He did make bubbles for a little bit, but rest assured, he won't be back to Photoshop me anytime soon, and that gives me a special feeling.

2. Of course, before I rock I have to get my bearings. Orientation is not my strong suit.

Let's just say my inner compass points to the couch.

3. Next, you have my fear of heights.

I'm not looking!

Which I am able to shake off faster than Sola sheds brain cells.

4. One of my less proud moments. Do you remember the little black bar? I sure hope not. You need to remember this one. See, it's been raining nonstop here and the river is running really fast. For a minute there, I thought the current had washed my black bar clean off!

A quick undercarriage inspection confirms that Mr. Business and the backup band are in fact very good swimmers, and will not require life preservers for my return to shore.

Ok, I can stop staring at my dangly bits. I'll let my fridge opener live for now.

5. You know where to find me this weekend.

I'll be rocking.

*The real Friday Five returns next week. :)
Tomorrow, we gas up for the weekend...


  1. Great photos! How did you get your master to stay under the rock for all the shots?

  2. Loved the photos!!! You rock!
    Martha & Bailey xxx
    ps sorry about the keyboard!

  3. maybe it's a good idea to keep the two legger under for awhile longer so that i can see more of sign of any bubbles; sure he's still there?????

  4. Keep on rocking Nigel, you're doing a grand job.

  5. LOL

    And I'm very impressed by Truffles' counting. Even more so because I can only count to purple myself ;-)

  6. Just noticed that you only need purple and some more followers to reach a very impressive 1000. Very exciting and well deserved!

  7. Excellent Nigel. You do rock!

  8. PESky cAps LoCK keY!

    Nice rock standing. Is that some sort of agility thing?


  9. Nice photos, but we hope you didn't get WET. Ewwwww.

    wags from the whippets

  10. Nigel, you are such a ROCKER that I'm absolutely sure that Rolling Stone will be puttin' this on their cover very soon.

    Chester ;0=)

  11. We are so much more than they think we are!

    Grrrreat shots!

    I do think woo will make the khover of The Rolling Stone AND The Roving Bone!


  12. The compass you talk about? It points to chaos even more than the couch! For which we are so grateful. is a very handsome hound. Crazy. But handsome. Now go see if Mr. Author has returned to a normal human color.

  13. Love your pics Nigel! You sure do have a GREAT backyard! I hope you know CPR. What a shock for Mr. Author to wake up to your snout in his mouth.
    Have a rocking weekend....tomorrow Nigel!!

  14. You really do rock, Nigel. You had Mom all confused there for a bit - she never knows what day it is unless it is Friday. Happy weekend.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  15. love it love it love it love it!!

  16. cool post - at least your mommy puts a bar - our mommy just posted a pic of my unmentionables !!!

    Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ

  17. Rock on with your bad self, Nigel!

  18. Nigel you make my day!!

  19. "If you see this crate rocking, don't come knocking!"

  20. Revenge is best served wet and cold! huh Nigel! I will have to learn the cement boots trick from ya.

    PS - I know how to open the fridge Nigel! I can teach you and the girls how. Well as long at they not install a special latch like my two-legger did. Rest assured, I am working on the new latch system, and as soon as I know how to free my fridge I will be KING.

  21. Friday. Thursday. who cares as long as you get to blog and get treats.

  22. Go Nigel! You rock!


  23. You really do rock!!!

  24. Don't worry, Nigel. I thought today was Friday too: wishful thinking:)

  25. Nigel, please don't even think you're going to give any lessons to Ringo, Trixie or Tori on making their fav two-legger sink to the bottom of the country pond here.

    And Nigel? You really do look fab on that there rock!! :)

  26. Nigel, you're so punk...err... I've got spunk! Especially when you talk about your junk.

    Have a wild weekend!

  27. Scary stuff. Hope he's out in time to get that piece of paper so you can enjoy the weekend.

  28. Cute. Nigel, I hope you have a wild one.

  29. They are really great photos :)

    Woof! Olive :)

  30. Nice work on the 2 legged Nigel! You can't let a modeling opportunity like that one pass by..

  31. we have these same pics! different spot, different rock--but the same ...

  32. We have a couple cats here you can borrow for your catslock key! Oops, mom says no.

  33. Oh my you rock! That looks like something my dogs would love.