Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Musings and the Blog Feed Mystery

This week will be different. That is good.

First, let me answer a question that some of you have been asking with regularity. For many who have followed us, we do not show up in their readers, or blog following lists. I know why this occurs. It is because I changed the blog name many months ago. I was foolish enough to believe that I would find a way to defeat this technical issue. Many posts to the blogger knowledge base crowd returned nothing. I cannot find a fix. So here is the solution. Replace the feed you have for our site with the following:

Works like a charm.

We may just be cartoon free this week, if you can believe it. I may not be able to make it to the Friday Five until next week, but hope to have another list to share with you instead.

In the coming days, I am receiving review copies of two books due for release in September. I'll share a little more about them when they arrive. I also have a review copy of a dog training DVD arriving soon, and it looks promising. I have received an offer that I will share with our Facebook friends - if you live in Florida you may want to connect with us on Facebook. How is that for ambiguous? :)

We'll be here at least through Thursday, and you never know what might happen.


  1. Okay just when I think things here can't become any more bizarre or confusing...they do! I am not sure what to think but I'm fairly positive that you and Buggers have gone into the witness protection program. Yeah that's it!

  2. Bloody high tech, can't live with it, can't blog without it.


  3. In "Google Reader" we trust.

  4. I am hopelessly non-technical so I do not understand one word in your first paragraph but I do have your blog in my Favorites so I don't miss a moment of Nigel Buggery or Sweet Sola or Fabulous Fudgepants! :D

  5. Such mystery! Would you like another book to review??? ;-)

  6. Will stay tuned! In the meantime, will try this feed you have given us, tho I'm very puter challenged meself! Woofs to you doggers and to Fudgepants!
    xo Sammie

  7. BTW - by gum - it worked! Now I can see fur myself what you're up to when you post it whoopee!

  8. No fair!! I hate mystery and surprise....I can't wait. The Florida thing sounds very interesting since I am close to there.

  9. Thanks for helping Ms. Alpha track you down. She loves your most elegant blog. And yes, I made Ms. Alpha walk on air with my winning ways. She'd been debating whether I should even try my paw at more shows since I was too unruly to strut my stuff. I'm just glad I could cooperate because that way I get to stay "intact"...and lord knows I treasure every part of me!

    Your pal,

  10. I'm with The Thundering Herd...I'm the lone Pawsylvania member of it!


    PeeEssWoo: Such mystery!

  11. I think i had problems with your link before on follow, i have you listed on my blog lists so have been checking in on here that way but they don't always update properly.

    Thanks for the visit, i am starting to get caught up now so will sort those pix soon. :-)

  12. Uhhh, I just stopped by to see whats up and now I'm kind of sorry I did,so I'll try and catch you another time.

    I donno when though, or if you'll be around, or if I can live without the changes you suggest. Uh, catch you later, OK?


  13. What the heck? We are so confused.

    But we do have you in our Google Reader list and you seem to appear regularly - so that's a good thing.

    We are really anxious for the mystery to be revealed.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  14. It sounds like many great things are going on, so, good luck with all your busy stuff this week and we hope to have you back here "full time" soon!!

  15. This suspense is killing me.

  16. ooooh, Enquiring minds want to know!!

  17. I think you're with the FDA. You let us get hooked on something and then you take it away.

    I fear I'm gonna have to learn this Facebook thing of which you speak.

    Am I allowed even though I don't live in Florida?

    Is this some sort of snipe hunt?

  18. Wonderful. We will fix this right quick, so your blog shows up higher in our blog roll when you update! :)

  19. Thank god I started following you after you changed your name. Now, if you change it again and I get lost in the shuffle, I'll die. I'll also have to look you up on Facebook.

  20. You are tall like a basketball player. We're little. Our uncle has two greyhounds he rescued. They live in another state called New Jersey. We think you are really cool.
    Benny and Lily

  21. What a surprise for the people searching for Vermont chocolate! BOL!
    Meanwhile, all the best to Strange P. Hope a forever home comes soon!