Monday, April 13, 2009

Vermont 1, Pirates 0

There is much to celebrate this week. Captain Richard Phillips of Underhill, Vermont was rescued today when U.S. Navy snipers popped three of his pirate captors and captured the fourth. The town of Underhill has been swarmed with media vans and well-wishers. Underhill is about thirty minutes from here, and you can almost hear the cars honking. Great news, unless you're a pirate!

We hope everyone (who celebrates it) had a great Easter! We certainly did.The dogs spent the weekend stalking the White House and watching TMZ hoping for news of the Obama dog selection, and they were not disappointed. Congrats to Bo the Portuguese Water Dog for putting his breed on the map in a major way. Now who do you think will be the first to refer to him as Bobama? ;)

Spring has finally arrived, and this week will be spent on outdoor projects. We'll share some pictures from the past this week as we take a break from the computer and enjoy the weather.

Happy Monday!


  1. Mom said to never trust a pirate...I'm glad the captain is okay!

    Those bunny ears are HUGE! Happy late Easter!

  2. Of course, Rory & Fiona believe strongly that Scotties rule and should be in the White House yet again...but, they'll be patient and wait for the world to come to its senses for a third Scottie in residence term...Fala, Barnie& Mrs. Beasley have nothing on these two wild highlanders!!! Arroo...

  3. Happy Monday! And I think Bobama is a great name! BOL!


  4. What I want to know is why was Bobama wearing a lei in his first photos? Why not a bandanna or just his collar.

    He is a cute little guy though and I hope he turns out as smart as the rest of the family.


  5. Bobama...we heard it here first... love the ears, I can't believe you didn’t have a press pass to get in and see the newest white house crap producer... back on the trail of Mr. stick, I am beginning to think there's a conspiracy, my internet went down this morning...repeating, I am not as recovered as I would have liked to believe...paranoia strikes deep..

  6. Rabbit ears on a greyhound - too, too funny. (Actually, they look like jackrabbit ears!)

  7. Watch out for the grounds keeper. I am sure he was not having it. Look at the size of that...

    Aroo roo roo!


  8. Furry good Monday to woo!!! Ears and all!!! Glad we took out them pirates!!!! Haroo roo!!

    Mya Boo Boo

  9. Navy Seals + Trouble = Pirate Dirt Nap

    You Go Navy! :o)

  10. Wow!

    What a day!

    How about khoffee fur one and all!

    PeeEssWoo: We've got our paws khrossed the stoooopid hoomans don't mess up the PWD breed...

  11. A Ha....U.S. Navy Seals at their finest....hey, let's give 'em credit...the U.S. at it's finest.......that will teach them pirates ta get a life...'n a real job too...

    Dewey Dewster here....

  12. I'm very proud of the captain and the Navy Seals. I hear that the pirates have vowed revenge. Yeah, good luck with that.

  13. Navy SEALS and dogs in bunny ears ROCK!!!!

  14. We say good for the Prez for giving the go ahead to end the situation.

  15. We are back from our boat trip and dropping by to say hello and catch up with all the news.

    Simba and Jazzi xx

  16. I was wondering if the captain's home town was anywhere near you. Good 'ole Vermontans...Vermontonians....Vermontians. What do y'all call yourselves?

  17. whenever i hear "Portuguese water dog", i think of the monty python skit and "Venezuelan beaver cheese".

    i love the lei. it's from a kennedy. ted-king of the leis.