Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Mood

It's been a very long winter. As I type this snow is piling up at unreasonable rates, quickly erasing any sign of the hours I have spent outside clearing it. It would not surprise me to find as much as a foot by tomorrow morning. I am returning to the computer after the first real thirty-six hour break I've taken in ages. My eyes needed it, but I'm running far behind.

A mixed bag of goodness:

A Saturday morning visitor.

Thanks to Jan and Homer for passing along these:

When I get out from under this mountain of snow and work deadlines I'll participate properly!

Finally, Sola reminds me that no matter how deep the snow, there is always room to celebrate.

Life with dogs is the only life for me.

I'll be headed out to shovel again until bedtime, so here's hoping that your Monday is a little less frigid.


  1. Good luck with the shovelling!

  2. That is why I love dogs - they find joy in everything!
    Sorry you are having a long winter but Spring always comes.
    Snuggle under the duvet and look out again in a few weeks. xx

  3. I just found out that I love snow, but normally, I don't live in it. I'm glad Sola gave you a little joy to watch her frolic in the cold white stuff! Stay warm and the blossoms will come!

  4. Well, our winter Mondays are definitely less frigid, but we don't get to see deer in our backyard. Very cool. And I just love that first shot. So subtle.

  5. Definition of Minnesota: The winter that finally ends only due to road construction season.

  6. Wonderful photos! I don't envy you for shoveling, though. We've had less snow than normal out here this year, it's been kind of weird.

  7. What a pleasant visitor to have! Looks like you've had a long winter. Hope for warmer weather soon@

  8. Life without dogs isn't worth living!

  9. Just stopping by to catch up - my blog helper has been a total slacker. But I am glad I came back and I have made a note to do so more often; I love reading your blog, every post makes me smile!!
    Love Clover xo

  10. There is always time to play in the snow. We believe that if it is going to be cold outside, there needs to be snow for us to romp in.

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  11. The positive side of all that snow is that you get to take those lovely photos. Hang on in there, Spring is coming.....honest!

  12. Its very nice to see someone else in as deeeep as we are here in Minniesnowda!

    Keep that shovel warm!


  13. If snow would just lay in places that don't need to be shoveled, it would be alot more fun!! We had a "skiff" of the white stuff this morning but no shoveling required. GREAT pictures-especially the paw prints!

    *Paychecks would also be alot more fun if we didn't have to work for them. :=)

  14. Personally, if I do say so myself, there could not ever possibly ever be too much snow for this gal! Most definitely!


  15. Melody you can have all the stinkin' snow!!! It has been a long, cold, horrid winter in western Kentucky, if that helps any. The whippets look at me accusingly: "Fix this!"
    It *will* be over soon. It *WILL*.


  16. thatsa lotta snow!!! we don't get any here in la. boo.

  17. Sola
    s Joyful womp makes it all wowf while..I wish I could be wunning in snow..ouw wintew has been fwigid and wainy and totally unpleasant..I love snow, and got almost none..boohoo
    smoochie kisses

  18. Good grief!! Still having snow! I'm so sorry. Come on down south to the warmth and sunshine. Remember, Delta is ready when you are! :)