Friday, April 23, 2010

Remarkable Rudy Defies the Odds

Cape May animal control officers got a big surprise when they were asked to retrieve the body of a dog that had been hit by a car in Estell Manor and left on the side of the road for three days. Rudy, a tough little pooch from Wildwood, NJ was not quite ready to give up the fight despite multiple life threatening injuries. His owner, Caroline Ranoia, expressed relief in an interview with a local NBC reporter.



  1. I'm telling you, JRs never die; they're indestructible! Good for little Rudy. (Rotten people - how can they hit a little animal and take off like that?!)

  2. Anonymous3:19 PM

    I really love the good news stories you are sharing, thank you for brightening my days. I don't know how that dog is still alive. Go Rudy!

  3. sonatina3:21 PM

    Absolutely Incredible story...what a tough little guy !!

    He obviously had a lot more living to do bless his heart ♥

  4. Our heartfelt Prayers for Rudy.
    Sending lot of Zen-Wishes.

    Shame on those humans who left a little Dawg lying on the roadside

    Love n licks, BUD n GIN

  5. What a trooper!

    "His genitals were severed..." Oh, now that brings a tear to the eye!

  6. This pup must be destined for something big - after all he went through and survived - there has to be a reason.

    Great story, thanks for sharing.

    Have a great weekend.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. I agree, he must be destined for something big!

    How can someone hit a dog and just keep on going? That poor dog has suffered more than anyone should.

  8. 3 Days on the road???? Way to go Rudy!! What a great story and a happy ending!

  9. Very sweet story - but I was wondering...if you knew you were going to be on TV don't you think you would have mowed the grass and cleaned up a bit? Poor Rudy could barely make his way through the grass! Sorry - I just think about those kind of things. Some dog's people!

  10. this is totally amazing! i'm so glad rudy made it!!
    the booker man

  11. Another great story. But the lil' tubber neads to hit the treadmill! Arooorooorooo!

  12. Hi - This is Rudy's mom - Caroline. So nice to hear all of your kind thoughts and wishes - sorry Krista - I did mow the grass, and the yard is amazingly beautiful in the summer - really. We are redoing the back yard and there was stuff everywhere, trust me I was just as embarrassed about it - I thought the camera crew would be inside. Oh well - I guess I need to realize that it wasn't about the back yard, but about Rudy and his amazing recovery.