Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beautiful Things

Beautiful things to brighten your Wednesday.

As much as I enjoy video, nothing captures a moment like a good picture, and this example from Teddy's Blog had me scrambling to send an e-mail for permission to share. You can almost feel the breeze.

Another great picture find. It's no secret that I'm a sucker for a good launch shot, and Jay Janner was kind enough to capture and share this gem.

Ken Slaughter always shares great pics on Facebook, and I had to pass this one along- it's a new favorite.

Another thing of beauty: the growing participant list from last week's Be The Change Challenge. Kim Clune from This One Wild Life was kind enough to invest hours in building on the original list Dorian started at Your Daily Cute. Thanks to both for keeping track, and to those who participated. If you are a blogger or a Twitter user with a desire to help stay tuned - given the enthusiasm of the participants I expect that you'll have many opportunities to join the fun and make a difference.



  1. Great post...this should keep me busy for a while!

  2. Oh Dear I have a lot of work to do....better drop the dirty laundry I am carrying around and get to work.

  3. Wow, great list, great post! As usual. This will keep me busy for a long time. Like my mommy needs more to do. BOL! Oh BTW, she would have paid much more for the "Nigel" print. And it is an honor to own one. We have number 29/40. We are going to commission Kathleen Coy to do one of Josie and then once Mr. Blues, Jr. is a bit older, one of him.

    We love your blog BTW. I come here as often as I can, but my Pet Therapy visits keep us pretty busy. Thanks for visiting our blog as we don't always get a chance to update as often as we like.

    Oh, one question. If we wanted to take a few pictures of "Nigel Print" around town (we live near Rutgers) would that be okay with you? We would then email them to you. Just let me know.

    Much Love,
    Josie and Mr. Blues, Jr.

  4. Josie, feel free to have your way with him. Well, you know what I mean. ;)

    He'd be honored!

  5. a lovely list, but I am kinda feeling I can't keep up with stuff anymore, there is so much, and I just only have so much time.

    feel really guilty cos we get blog comments and can't always respond in kind, the whole thing is getting kinda overwhelming, plus tonight I have been a bad girl within a family relationship, so feeling kinda depressed.

    Sometimes the whole Dog Blog thing has just got toooooooooo huge, and I feel bad I cannot keep up. Perhaps I am tired, perhaps I need a break, whatever, I am really feeling this whole thing is no longer a pleasure, except when I check out your posts, they always paint a smile on our faces.

    J x

    Depressed and sad Jeannie xx

  6. That's a lot of links, thanks! That should keep me busy for a little while.

  7. That's an impressive list with a lot of good ideas!

  8. Thank you for sharing us with all your friends.:) Pawesome post. We'll have lots of links to visit tonight.:)

    Teddy Bear

  9. Wow! So many great sites! Thanks for the links!


  10. Thanks for slamming us with reading material for the next month! I'll start as soon as I finish finals. Looking forward to reading something other than required study work!

  11. WOW! Beautiful pictures of dogs, beautiful actions by people... just incredible. Wonderful to visit here and see some of the amazing work that is happening - pawesome... everyone!!! WOW!
    Sammie and Ma

  12. Thanks for sharing those links!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. Great post with great photos and links! Thanks for sharing them!

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  15. Awesome picture and info
    Benny & Lily

  16. Thanks for the shout out Nige! I love the pic of the white doggie getting all windblown!

  17. Great photos! I love the last one...

    Also, that's an impressive list of "Be the change" blog posts. I'll go check them out.

  18. that pic of teddy makes me smile