Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The 2010 Blog Paws Roundup

Blog Paws 2010 kicked off Friday in Columbus, Ohio. Three delayed flights caused me to miss the Friday night mixer, but I hit the ground running Saturday, camera in hand. Let's get a look at some of the fun. I'll barely scratch the surface, because this event completely exceeded my expectations.

 The weather was perfect, and the view from my hotel room was great.

We started our morning with a great breakfast and a speech by Andrea Arden from Animal Planet and Andrea Arden Dog Training.

A couple of pics from the event sessions. I have many, but you'll get so much more from reading here.

The registration desk. The Westin was a great place to hold the event, and the service was first rate.

Some of the exhibitors. There were free goodies galore, and nobody was really trying to sell anything - a rarity these days. It was great to meet so many company reps. 

Want your pooch on Twitter? Check out the USB receiver. 

I want this. It's perfect for mud season in Vermont, or less pleasant stains. You just fill it with water, set it on the carpet and come back in a few minutes. It does all of the scrubbing.

Kodak displayed a new system for correcting red/laser/flashy eye pics. Great for older pics you can't correct on your computer.

The friendly folks from TPPC were covering the event. A certain dog was asked to sign their celebrity wall, so I did my best to scribble on it for him.  :)

On-site doggie daycare. There was a giant room for the pooches to play in while parents attended event sessions.

There were so many sessions throughout the day that it was impossible to attend all.

There was a raffle with really nice prizes, and a silent art auction. Pieces were scattered all over the hotel. Much of it was whimsical - my favorite.

Pet lovers everywhere!

A long shot of the ballroom. The food was terrific.

Hanging with a Havanese - Cosmo, to be specific. He's a fun little chap. Look him up on Facebook!

The Saturday night mixer was held at a great open air bar in the arena district.

Many of you know Jaime from Thoughts Fur Paws. Say hi! And feel free to make fun of me for completely forgetting that I had a headset on.

There were anipals everywhere! Kenn Bell and I crashed the picture. ;)
Those of you connected to me on Facebook should note that Brewskie Butt is standing to my right. We've been picking on each other on Facebook for a year now. It was great to finally meet!

Karen Nichols, the blogger from The Cat's Meow, and Skeezix! The Cat's Meow is Catster's blog.
That's right, I hugged a cat lady and lived to tell about it!

I spent a few hours with Andrea Arden and Kenn Bell from the Dog Files at the Saturday night mixer. We discussed all things dog and I laughed until my face hurt.

It was far too late when we all managed to drag ourselves away and say goodbyes, but many of us had early Sunday morning flights to catch. I could have used another few hours to meet everyone, but there will be plenty of time for that next year. Blog Paws was an experience that I will never forget. The energy of 250+ passionate animal bloggers in one festive space is remarkable. The fact that we were fed well, the event was perfectly organized and held in such a great hotel was a big plus. The huge pile of freebies we received was impressive, and there was enough material covered to help any blogger grow. It was worth far more than the cost of admission, and I thank Blog Paws and Pedigree for making it possible for me to attend. If you are serious about pet blogging don't miss Blog Paws 2011. I'd love to meet you there.



  1. It does look khwite the place to leave LOTS of my furs!

    Thanks fur sharing the pikhs and stuff!

    PeeEssWoo: Mom purchased a SpotBot a few months after I adopted her - something about me eating bread she had out fur the birds not agreeing with my system ;-) It does a nice job!

  2. And a good time was had by all! I hope your flight home was better than the one going!

  3. oh Fudge Candy's ( yep, that's how i refer to your Fudgepants,er, Chester's love interest. Oh, do excuse me, i meant 'fiancee' ).....your Smile and that personality was Exactly how we imagined you to be! nice to see you!

    if only we were not oceans away, it would have been fun attending the event,TQ for sharing.


  4. oops, sorry, i meant FudgeCandy's dadster BOL!

    Xtra chikisses

  5. What a great event and how nice to meet some of the blog buddies!!!! Great coverage and nice to see you in a few pix!!! Like another commenter said, I have to admire from afar due to being waay up North in Alaska!!!

  6. WOW. The things you learn blogging! I've never even heard of anything like this. TOO COOL!

    You might like to know - our JoJo gets her wheels sometime this week. She's lost her back legs due to dysplasia but she gonna be bitin' Minky in the butt in no time flat very soon!

  7. This event sounds totally awesome. Did you pick me up one of those handy dandy Bissell cleaners? I sooooo need that.

  8. It looks like it was a really well-organized and fun event! I'll have to consider it next year... If I don't have to fly..

  9. Sounds like a great time was had by all. Thanks for giving us the scoop and thanks for the great blog! Have a fabulous week!

  10. F A N T I S T I C post!!! Oh I felt like I was right there with you. How long has this event been in existence? They certainly know how to put on a fine event. I can't think of a better place than a function filled with animal lovers!!! Thanks for all the great pictures...3 flight delays...oh my cat!!!Madi and I are impressed to see you hugging a cat lady and SMILING to boot.
    Thanks for covering the event so thoroughly.
    Madi and Mom

  11. It looks like Heaven there! What a pawsome thing. You know, I sort of, almost, not quite, knew Andrea Arden. Several dogs from the shelter I was in got trained by her on Underdog to Wonderdog. Sean Casey, the alpha guy at the shelter was show on the show and I most definitely knew him. If you see her again, say "Hi" from Lola, another sucessful Sean Casey alumnus, OK?

    wags, Lola

  12. That was an awesome post and I'm so glad that you shared your experiences with us! I'm also glad that you survived the flight home!

  13. Here's the part where I tell you I love you and I'm so glad you had a good time and the forward movement on this wild dream of yours is truly obvious.

    Meantime, while you're off having a great time, Flat Nigel has been turning up the crazy in my home. Nice. Real nice.

  14. Soooo glad that you had a good time in my state. If I had know that they had a room for US to get together and have fun with new furends... I would have FORCED my mom to bring me so that we could meet up. Do you know if they will be in Columbus again next year???

  15. Whew! Busybusybusy! Went to scheduling pages and wish we'd been able to go - looks very exciting- and motivating, especially when it feels like one's energy (self) is flagging. I've been to mny conferences 'afore, but none looks like that one does! Boy, what fun! And you look great pictured with so many "friends!" I think you should have a blogger help booth with 'puter "tricks 'o the trade" for those who are hopeless with photoshop! Seriously, thanks for a great job on your terrific experience there! Mayhap we can visit next year? Looks like lotsa fun!
    Hugs xo

  16. a puppy twitter thingy??


  17. WOof i wish I could have attended, it sure did look pawsome!!

  18. What a fun time! I hope you had as good a time as you made it out to be. Too bad you didn't get there in time for the Friday night mixer with all those delayed flights! Hope your trip home was much better.

    Did you bring your dogs to the Pet Park?

  19. Tupperoni11:45 AM

    What I want to know is, how did you keep your white sweater so clean?

  20. Grrrrrrrreat post! *high paw*
    And you met Cosmo. That's just pawsome. He's one of the coolest pups I know.
    hmmm I didn't know you and Brew were acquainted....heheheh

  21. So cool you got to attend. It looks right up your alley. Way to brave the air travel! ;)

  22. What a great experience - looks awesome! I'm waiting for the brat blog conference. JK - i don't talk about them THAT much.

  23. Awesome trip and awesome blog!!!


  24. Wow, that looked like a fantastic trip.

    Thanks for sharing the photo's. :)

  25. Looks like a great event.

  26. oh, wow, that looks like a great event!! i also think i must have one of those spotbots...like now. :D

    the booker man's mama

  27. Great post Neil and I am SO excited I finally go to meet the brilliant mind behind Life With Dogs.

    It was wonderful spending time with you and socializing with other pet lovers all weekend (albeit mine ended kinda roughly...:( )

    I posted this story on Facebook with our picture too!@ Great coverage--are you a former reporter or something...? LOL


  28. It looks like it was such a great time! I hope to get a chance to meet everyone @ BlogPaws 2011!

  29. That sounds like so much fun. I wish you'd gotten a picture of all the dogs in the Pet Park!

    I wonder if there's something similar for book bloggers?

  30. vendors but not trying to sell stuff. Seriously?

  31. What a fabulous time!!!

    Wonderful photos!

    Josie, Izzy, and Anakin

  32. Any discussion about where and when next year? We would love to load the Herd in an RV and join up.

  33. Great post about BlogPaws! I enjoyed meeting you there.

  34. I am glad Blog Paws did such an excellent job. Of course I laughed at the fact you had flight issues, again, but I was happy you made it! So you got to meet tons of cool bloggers, got freebies, enjoyed a mixer, crashed photos, and forgot your earphones in :) As for hugging a cat lady and living to tell about it...BOL Would love to meet you there next year :)

  35. It wuz reely nice to meet yoo, and I liked yer pink shert. It was vary stylish. We can't wate to hang with yoo agin at BlogPaws!