Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Pity, Polls and Places

Crap. I'm sick.

But I'm not really looking for pity - I'm good enough at feeling sorry for myself! That said, there is a good chance that I'll be absent for a day or two while I bounce back from whatever the cooties have in store for me. Which means it's the perfect opportunity to tie up a couple of loose ends. And if you arrived prepared to dish out some pity, here is something you can feel sorry for - a leftover pic from October. Who says the resident product testers have a cushy gig? Does this look like a happy dog to you? 

Now if you'll scroll down the right hand side of your screen you'll notice a new poll. I'm only exploring logistics at this point, but with sponsors interested, I'd love to know - if you were to attend a dog party/festival/meetup, which location would you choose? I know many of you would not or could not go, but humor me and assume that attendance is mandatory. Pretend that someone will give you a cat if you do not attend. Ok, scare tactics are unfair, forgive me. ;)   This poll will help me to assess whether or not such a giant undertaking is a worthy time investment, so thank you in advance for voting.

Next up is a big video project that I'd love to wrap up by April. This is a fun one, mainly because it is all about you - and your dog. Expect it to come in around four to five minutes. Our dogs will not be featured - they may appear briefly, but I expect this to involve one or two hundred dogs when all is said and done. I dare not disclose the details of the project or I'll kill the fun factor. That said, I will make this promise: it will be in good taste (gasp!) and I promise not to Photoshop anything. Really. But I need specific pictures and video footage. So if you have your dog in either format doing any of the following, please e-mail me: (lifewithdogs@ymail.com)

Playing in a hallway. Or laying. Or standing.
Doing anything in the outdoors. Of course, cute and/or funny helps.
Doing anything involving a table - standing on it, begging, laying under it. The table must be visible.
Leaving the house - shot from inside or out.
Doing anything on or around a couch.
Being checked out by a vet.
Busted trashing anything - the more destruction in the pic, the better.

There should be enough for everyone to work with in that list! Please keep in mind the following: pics need to be obvious (if you send a vet visit pic, make sure it's obvious your dog is at the vet) and I expect mild viral potential from this, so don't send a pic or video unless you are comfortable with a lot of people seeing it. This one is going to be a blast.

Ok, I'm fading - time to shove the laptop aside and go to bed before midnight...for the first time in a year! Wordless Wednesday is scheduled, the rest is up to the cooties. Wish me luck.



  1. aww... that photo is too cute!!! :)

  2. Where would you be more likely to attend a dog festival/party?
    Something more centrally located... Illinois, Missouri or Kansas would be nice.

  3. I squeezed my lemon at the screen now come here for the butter bath...
    lookin' delicious today

    We placed our vote!

  4. Eaten by a lobster! Now, there's a twist.

    The video project has me intrigued... Hmmmmmm.... I'll have to dig through the "archives."

  5. That would be my first pick out of the lobster tank!

    We will work on that video footage-I'm sure Chester can think of something he'd like to share.

    Hope the cooties don't have their way with you for too long.

    Chester's Mom ;0-)

  6. That is a very disturbing photo. Let me think on your other interesting projects.


  7. Sola is the cutest lobstah, evah!

    votes are in, will look for pictures and videos of interest.

  8. your project sounds fun---will send along some photos! by the way-- i think your dog has crabs

  9. Gosh what are you guys up to this time??? I'll see what we have.

    How about doing a dog party/festival/meet up in Europe? Let's see...ITALY??? ;)

  10. You sure Sola isn't the Cootie that made you sick? Just saying.......

  11. We were at a party- His ear lobe fell in the deep- Someone reached in and grabbed it- It was a Rock Lobster...

  12. Oh we're sorry you have the creeping crud!!! Isn't it amazing just as the weather starts to warm up everyone gets sick. Lots of germs ranting and raving in NC too.
    As for your poll....Mom is going to participate because she says she already has the BEST CAT and doesn't need another one. :-)
    Madi and Mom

  13. There's lots going around, hope you didn't catch a cyber-virus!

    Feel better soon!

  14. Good Lord! It looks like Sola's being eaten by a lobster! Now all I'll hear in my head today is Rock Lobster!

    I'd be most likely to attend a gathering in the Midwest, right in the center of everything!

    And do we have pictures?! Pshaw! You know that we do! On a couch, on a chair, we have greyhounds everywhere!

  15. Lobster molting season???
    Sorry you are sickie. It sounds like a bad case of worms to me.

  16. We have Mama looking through pictures!!

    We hope you feel better soon, being sick...sucks!!


  17. Oh, this sounds interesting. Do agility tables count? I have about 5 million pictures of Marge on an agility table. LOL. If not, I'll find a picture from one of the other categories. I have some awesome "cute" outdoorsy pictures of her in the snow.

  18. I have loads of pics, mostly blurred!!!!!!!

    Not many vids though, but I will give this some thought and get back to youse.

    Get well soonio.

    Jeannie and Marvin xxxxxxxx

  19. Definitely a sad state when the parent dresses you as a lobster. It's up there with being dressed as a black spider. Where's our dignity?

    I need to put some thought on this project thing.


  20. We take it the cooties means your human is sick. We're short on pity right now. Been dishing it out to ourselves since Jan's toe has been keeping us from walking her. So you don't have to worry about us piling any on you. We'll just say, Get better. And if you aren't sick, then stay well.

  21. okies, I really casnot vote, due to not knowing where any of those parts be!
    But, I will think on your other project.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  22. Aww...hope you feel better soon. Bummer when you are sick! :(

    Will email about the 'other' stuff....of course everything is about greyhounds here. Love your little Lobster though. Get well!

  23. Normaly I would say the Northwest as that is where we are at now, but... I selected New England because there is a high possibility that we will be moving there next :)

  24. It would be awfully hard to get to any of those places from where we live - are you including first class air fare?(our mum said she would be happy to accompany us if so) :D

  25. Not feeling sorry for you, got it, but I hope you recover soon. Voted in the pole and I'm about to send you some video. I'm also interested in sponsoring on occasion so keep me in mind. What am I saying, I'll remind you again.
    I'm about to launch an International Animal Blogging Event and I want to gather as many of us as possible. You have too many followers to read all our posts so I'm giving you the heads up.

  26. Wow a Lobsterdor

  27. Hope you beat those cooties real soon! The picture of Sola reminds me of ALIENS the babies that wrapped themselves around your face and deposited eggs! I am so very excited about the video and have to get my two-legger to send you some pictures! We will have to get it done I cannot miss out on being in my first Life With Dogs movie!!!!!

  28. A long overdue hello! Thanks for visiting our blog and so sorry it's taken so long for me to let you know how much I've been enjoying Life With Dogs! My commuter kept erasing my comments to you and I've finally figured out how to fix that problem!

    So, "hello!"

    I hope you feel better and I'm looking forward to this video!

  29. Lovin the Lobby pitcher, but I would not be boilin mad, too!

    My the Mom was sick for free weeks and finally had to get real drugs for it. Don't let it go on too long so you will feel better soon!

    wif love from the Luke

    P.S. Now I will have to go frew my pitcher archives! :-)

  30. Alaska was not in your poll! Just saying.

  31. Ha!

    That Herd are SOOOOOOO observant!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  32. Hope you feel better soon!

  33. Poor sweet Sola... at least my girls can thank me oodles for never, ever subjecting them to such monstrosities. :-p

    Hope the cooties vacate your temple soon, for your sake. Sucks to be sick.

    Oh and I picked "other" for the doggie get-together - "other" = kansas. LOL Seriously though, I guess it would have to be southwest or -east, as those would be closest to us.

  34. Lots of oj and rest, ok!?
    Love that costume!!! And, just sent a few pix...sounds like a great project.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  35. We voted and we want New England - we want to see this place the Momster thinks is so great. And we hope the cooties disappear quickly.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  36. I'm sorry you aren't feeling good....it sucks to be sick! I will have mom get some photos together for you....sounds like a lotta fun!

  37. we are sending you some pity anyway
    Benny & Lily

  38. I hope you get better soon.:)

    Teddy Bear

  39. Thanks for stopping by Storm's blog. She's actually killed many a chicken, but I think she's finally figured out that it's not allowed. Every time before she wasn't caught in the act, but my husband was with her when she went after the Phoenix flock and he scolded her then. She hasn't gone after them since. She doesn't have access to any of the other chickens because they are all in pens. :)

  40. Get well soon!
    Kisses and hugs

  41. In good taste? No Photoshop? That doesn't sound like something that Dennis would be involved in ... ;-)

  42. God's Speed to you!
    Thoughts and Prayers too!
    Love the picture..... <3