Monday, December 07, 2009

Happy Endings

I'm no fan of Mondays. Trading family time for another week of business world chaos just doesn't melt my butter. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, and know how fortunate I am to feel that way. Even so, by the time Sunday night rolls around I'm usually pouting like a student on the last day of summer break.

Not so this Monday. While the title of this post probably saw half of you arriving here with one eye closed (and fully expecting to see Nigel stumbling out of a dog massage parlor) I'm feeling better this Monday than I have in quite some time. So what gives?

Mia is on her way home. Adoption is pending but it looks like a done deal at this point. Mind you, I am very much aware - painfully so - that this was a small battle in a never-ending war. But the score must be counted one victory at a time, and I am happy beyond words that Mia now has a chance to add another mark to the win column. Good luck sweet girl: you touched so many of us, and reminded me that the very least I can do is try to spread the word when I meet the next dog in need of a voice.

This calls for a little celebration, so let's kick off our week of freebie fun with something that will give your dogs something to savor. If you happened to catch our wordless Wednesday post last week, you may have noticed Sola's enthusiasm for the treat she was about to devour. That's because she was about to consume her second free treat from get lick'd organic dog treats. We received a sampler pack, and the dogs decimated it in a matter of minutes. While I can't claim to have the most finicky canines on my hands, the way they inhaled these treats was enough to convince me that someone else out there would have fun dispensing a dozen of these to their own dogs(s). Considering that these tasty nom noms are produced by hand in small batches, with human-grade ingredients, I'd be comfortable recommending them to anyone.

So here is your shot at having a dozen of these tasty morsels shipped to you in time to add a little holiday cheer to your December. All you have to do is answer two questions. Please, for the sake of others, do not post your answers in the comments field! Instead, e-mail them to:  Once you have sent your answers via e-mail, just drop a comment here letting me know you have done so. I'll use to select a winner from the entries. I'll have Brianne from get lick'd contact the winner directly to work out shipping arrangements.

All you have to to is answer two questions. You'll have to visit get lick'd and let me know the following:

What is the name and breed of Brianne's dog?

Now run back here and get ready to do a little hunting. Find older adventures from Life With Dogs on the right hand side of your screen and step back in time to July of 2005. The last post on that page points out just what a knucklehead I am, and goes on to describe an event that led to the loss of one of my body parts. this day, what am I still missing?  :)

Good luck, and have a great week! We'll be back tomorrow to offer up another great freebie and share some random fun.


  1. I am thrilled about Mia. We can only do this one dog at a time and each success is a victory.

  2. Dear Mr. Author:

    I am most happy about Mia but didn't quite understand, is she coming to you or someone else?
    I wish the very best for her and whomever.

    I answered your two questions, brilliantly, I thought. When I am in a time wasting mood, I love deals like this.

    Jo and Stella

    Stella was 3 months in the slammer when I took her home. She was a rough dog, and hard to manage and a year later, is just perfect, a wonderful pup. Rescue and Patience is ALL!

  3. I don't like Mondays either. It's when my humans have to go back to the outside world and not play with me.

    Those treats look so yummy!


  4. Woof! I do know how other feels about Monday. I did a post about "Happy Monday" Check it out! (It's on the menu bar of my blog). Glad of Mia's adoption. Great giveaway ... we are getting ready for a long holiday break so will plan to participate next time. For the meantime, we will check out their website. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. We are so happy to read about Mia.
    Happy Monday xxx

  6. Yay for Mia and her family that saw the gold underneath.

    I hope they know they can find a whole lot of support in bloggerland!!!

    Yup, today is looking good!

  7. Yay for Mia and her very lucky new family!

  8. im so happy for mia! its always so great hearing this.

    the treat looks yummy!!

    love, snowie

  9. Mia finding her forever home does start my Monday off on a very good note! It really doesn't matter but do you know was she found via LWD's advertisin' her? That would be like the decoration on one of them organic treats which look ever so good. I won't even try to answer the questions to win them. Due to Mom's reluctance to start the workweek too, I am runnin' late and must get on with work.

    Chester ;0=)

  10. Ugh - ditto here on the Mondays, but plan a fun afternoon on each one, which makes it a bit better to stomach. Yay, yay, hip hooray for Mia - fantastic news here today. Those treats sound very pawesome - my asst. is salivating at the idea that these cookies are made from human-grade ingredients heheh! She sent you an email!
    Hugs xo

  11. We just sent our answers in!

    Had tons of fun reading the archives searching for the answer to question two.


  12. At the strong urging of Prince, Cinderella, Chico and Luna, I have found the answers to the 2 questions and emailed them to you.

  13. Great news about Mia. No better way to kick off a week!

  14. Hi N,S and T!
    The organic dog treats look yummy!
    That is great news for Mia!
    Please use my jeans shop photo!
    That is my pleasure!

  15. I am just here to celebrate with you all about Mia's happy forever ending. HOORAY!! and I will admit to being too lazy to participate (I may check out the organic treats to purchase, however).... good luck everyone!!

  16. Mom is leaking some happy tears!

    Mia's story touched her when she read about her here befur!

    Woo know how she is about reskhues and khanines and lions and tigers and bears OH MY!

    Good lukhk to all pawticipating in your khontest!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  17. woo hoo! that is wonderful news. Rescue is something you have to take one dog at a time :)

  18. Those treats are looking awfully yummy!
    Benny & Lily

  19. That is wonderful news about Mia! May she have a long a blessed life in a new forever home.

    Emma Rose

  20. It snowed today! <3

  21. WOO HOO!!!! YEA MIA! :)

  22. I'm very happy to hear that Mia has found (with some help from some dedicated people) her forever home. Thanks for sharing that.

    I also sent my answers to your quiz via e-mail. Harley told me that if we didn't win a sample, we might just have to buy him some of those "get lick'd" treats for Christmas anyway! ;)

  23. Well, I had a Monday from H E double hockey sticks, but reading that Mia had found a home redeemed it for me! I am so glad for her!

    Of course I couldn't resist quiz questions! I sent in my answers.

  24. I had posted Mia's story on my blog and now I can follow up with this happy news!!!
    It is a wonderful day, huh?

  25. What a great news! We are happy for Mia :)

  26. Well... monday is almost over... thankfully!
    Kisses and hugs

  27. Best wishes for your new life, Mia!

  28. We are all so happy for Mia - her story definitely touched us.

    And those dog treats do look scrumptious -- I've become a fan on FB! We'll order some next year sometime, and I'm sure my "finicky" (NOT) eaters will love them too. :)