Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Mixer

This month has been insane, so forgive the jumbled post. We'll wrap this up with a chance for three of today's readers to take home some great dog treats, so hang in there - it's Friday so I'll be brief.. But first some good news and bad news. Let's get the bad news out of the way first.

I just caught this sad story tonight and thought those with ties to sled dogs may want to look in to a way to assist: One hundred starving sled dogs seized in Colorado.

Looks like a great time to consider adopting.

Another story of interest to dog lovers - from our back yard. I'll be very interested to hear the ruling in this case

On the good news front, this hero is expected to make a full recovery, and is a shining example of dog bravery.

Aslan the Boxer recovers from gunshot wounds after intervening in home invasion.

Impressive. They give us so much that it's impossible to repay, but we can certainly try! And one way to show a little love is with yummies, so here is your shot at taking home a gift pack of treats for your dog. Bev from Blue Collar Dog Treats was kind enough to offer these to our readers, and who am I to say no? This will be easy enough, and you'll make your dog's week if you win! Simply visit their site and find a post about Halloween costumes. The last picture from the post is mentioned, and is way over the top. What is it?

Please do not leave your answer in the comments. Instead, please e-mail it to
Three entrants will be selected using Good luck!

I'm off to do all of my Christmas shopping - last minute. I'll hope your weekend is a little more relaxed than mine!



  1. Brilliant Nigel! You found a way to rid your house of the cat while staying within the holiday spirit! Did the cat fit in the bucket?

    I am very angry at the Colorado story - "possible neglect" charges for those humans??! Grrr! It WAS neglect, plain and simple! I am keeping my paws crossed that the dogs all heal and find loving, caring homes. I am also keeping my paws crossed for Aslan. What a hero! So brave!


  2. Holy Cow! I'm in awe of those news stories. I don't quite know what to say.

    Why am I not surprised that you're doing your Christmas shopping last minute?

  3. Well, at least you put Cracker into the red kettle and not the black one that is usually boilin' with trouble.

    We're keepin' our paws crossed for the dogs and hopin' that it goes well for all of them.

    Good luck with shoppin'!
    Chester & Mom ;0=)

  4. There is a similar situation here in Alaska, there was not enough fish available to feed sled dogs in a rural village and efforts are underway to assist on that front.

    I am off to NJ on Monday to spend the holidays with my ailing mom who is in the hospital on an antibiotic drip (cellulitis) and unable to be in her house for Christmas. The pack is going to their favorite dog camp (Jeter in particular LOVES it there) xoxo and Merry Christmas! My ability to be online while in NJ is sporadic.

  5. Such sad stories. Those people should be treated the same way they treated the dogs! Such a brave Boxer, hopefully with a happy ending. My last dog was a Boxer, so I love them.
    Hope you get lots of shopping done today!

  6. Thanks for the funny picture...we all needed chuckle today!

  7. Cool pic!
    Sad stories, we hope the dogs feel better soon!

  8. The gift that keeps on purrrrrring!

    Tank woo fur sharing the sad stories -

    We all need to be reminded that not all the hooomans have big hearts like ours -

    PeeEssWoo: I khan't wait fur the next page in the book!

  9. First let me say thank you for bringing up the CO sled dog situation. Sad news is that it looks as though Colorado is not going to prosecute the owner of the dogs!! This is an outrage! Originally it was reported that the Walkers had 129 dogs but after counting the dogs on Tuesday, only 94 remained. There were several empty dog houses on the property and athorities have not been able to locate the'missing' dogs! I am going to need some help on trying to figure out how to get the Colorado authorities to persecute the Walkers! Anyone here able to give me any guidence?

  10. Sigh. I don't like the VT case because i sit in the middle. I don't like that people shoot dogs. However, where I live, i once had a neighbor who owned geese and we lived on a resevoir (public land). his house was on the resevoir and his geese wandered into it often. My dingo chased them into the water. He called the cops on us and sent us a letter saying he'd shoot maggie if she ever came onto his property again (she was never on his property, but he was crazy and neighbors thought he was crazy anyway and he lied to the cops and said we were on his property but maggie and i were on public park so we were within our rights. if a dog chases geesse there (which i didn't encourage obviously), it's "not illegal" and he really didn't have a leg to stand on since we weren't on his property. However, should it have happened on his property, he would have had every right in the world to shoot my dog that he considered a threat to his geese. BTW: prior to this incident, he had met Maggie, and brought his geese over to meet her. she was fine with them, except the Geese, GOOSED her and BAD. evil litle things. Either way, he was within his right IF she was on his property.

    I also think owners of EVERY animal need to be accountable for their animal's welfare. YOu wouldn't let your child walk NY city in alley ways alone, unattended w/o KNOWING that child wouldn't be kidnapped, killed or taken advantage of. You should do the same for your fur-child. Dogs, cats, take advantage of nice green lawns that people work on making pretty and a lot of poeple dont' appreciate it when dog owners let their dogs go anywhere. I don't know the REASON for the VT dog to be on that guy's property. maybe it was a quick mistake of letting the leash go or maybe it was a dog that's always off leash and allowed to do whatever he wants whereever (pee and poo anywhere). Shooting the dog is over the top. scaring it would have been better (still could have scared it into traffic)...but BEST would have been to call the owner immediately and send a bill to them for damage a dog has done to their property. That's the best way to get the message across.

    As dog owners we REALLY need to step up and be accountable to make our dogs obey. We need to be accountable for their actions. We need to be accountable for their safety because the bottom line is that they ARE animals. They do have prey drive and they can be a threat, no matter how small they seem. And we need to recognize this, even though we think of them as "people" family members.

    I hope the VT case can teach us this lesson. I don't know a fair outcome. I don't know the details. I do know we need to be more accountable as owners.

    BTW: Loki recently peed on my friend's Starbuck coffee mug that was laying on the ground while we were practicing search. What did i do? First i offfered to clean it in the dishwasher. she was still grossed out. No biggie. I bought my friend a brand new mug. This is how i think we need to behave as dog owners. I don't want people hating my dog because of MY inability to control it.

    Thank you for the husky link. i'll pass it on to my husky friends. And for ending with a beautiful story.
    wild dingo

  11. Oh Dear...BOL
    Benny & Lily

  12. Cat's land on their feet, but I guess go into red buckets head first?

  13. Hi guys....we've missed you too! Lots of interesting stories. So happy Aslan is going to recover and I hope that Vermont court rules in favor of the dog owners. :)


  14. Sorry, I can't read the bad news(I cry over semi happy stories) and I keep forgetting to stop by. I fanned you on Facebook, but I thought that I already did. Oh, maybe it's the ?Networked blogs. Happy holidays and enjoy your shopping.

  15. Great donation nigel... the gift that keeps on giving...
    Your right... we can never repay the joy our dogs bring us.

  16. Thanks for the news update! Love the picture!


  17. Poor Cracker! While our kitty is not fond of me, I kinda like her, but she just won't play with me but... Nigel... you are so bad. I'm totally bummed by the stories. That is very bad news from Colorado - disgusting actually. Thanks for the link and we're glad Aslan will heal and paws crossed for the owners.
    Hugs xo