Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dog Joy

Today is the last of our giveaway days for the week. I hope you have enjoyed playing along, and that the winners enjoy the schwag we've been hurling at them. This has been so much fun that I think we'll do it again in January to help break up those post holiday blues. Now let's look at today's offering.
It's a great little book called Dog Joy: The Happiest Dogs in the Universe. This is a compilation of entries from the annual smile picture contest that The Bark puts on. Rodale submitted a copy for review, and now it's your turn to discover this little gem of a book. It's exactly what one would expect at a glance - one hundred and ninety two pages of pure dog joy. I'm sure the lucky winner will find something to smile about each time they return to it.

So how does one of our readers get to take this home? I'll make this an easy, one answer contest. As always, I'll use to pick a winner from the entries. Please send your answer to - but please remember not to post your answer in the comments!

The question: In November, the dogs discussed a hazard located just downriver from us, and hinted at sending the cat rafting toward the same. What was it?

Good luck! I'm off to enjoy SNL with three tired dogs snoozing in a pile on the sofa next to me. Is it any wonder that we live for the weekends?


  1. AND my mom is ready to head out in late morning fur Hagerstown!

    Four more bodies in MY Xterra!

    From what I've read/seen, she'll be ooooohing and ahhhhhing again!


  2. This is our first contest. Sure hope we win!
    XX-BRD & Hootie

  3. ahh. what a lovely book! definitely brings a smile to everyone who reads this!

    woof woof!

  4. Mr. Author, I want pictures of you Sola, Nigel and Truffles cuddling on the couch! Where is Mrs. Author in this cuddle?

    Awesome book!!! Good luck to everyone!

  5. That looks like a real heart warming book. As we did our "research" we realized that we have not had an update on Mrs Author's foot. How is she doing? Has her foot healed up completely?
    Please send her kisses from me!

    Emma Rose

  6. Hi all,

    Its my first contest here too. :) Wish me best of luck. ;)

    Raja Habib,

  7. awwww...what a cute book!!

  8. That's a great book! I hope the dogs left you a spot on the couch!

  9. I'll look forward to January, since I'll be off from school then. Finals week has ket me far, far away from your contests!

  10. Beautiful thing you guys are doing - know about this book as "The Bark" is totally Bay Area! Have fun watching SNL!!!
    Hugs xo
    Sammie and mom

  11. Check out Guinness on page 44 i think!!!! he is in there!!!!