Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our celebration of you begins now.

It's time to mix it up, break out of the routine, and say thank you to our friends - old and new. We've been barking all year, and it's been a great one. So join us as we salute dog lovers, life with dogs, and the remarkable creatures that make it all possible.

When it comes to dogs and the people who love them, our position is the more, the merrier. As more of us congregate, there is simply more to share. Those who become aware of pressing rescue situations will have a broader audience. Important news will be heard by more of us. And the fun factor will skyrocket.

With that in mind, it's time to offer up the first of many goodies to come. Our Tell a Friend contest begins now.

The prize: A $50.00 gift card to PetSmart. :)
The contest: This is easy. Find your dog loving friends. Find out if they are already in our Facebook fan list. If not, invite them.

See, that was cake. The catch: well, someone has to win, right? Of course! So the person who brings the most dog lovers in to our circle of friends by midnight EST this Saturday wins.

The not so fine print: Our current list has been saved, so only those who are new will be counted. Be sure to check before inviting! In order to confirm new fans, please ask your friends to click on the become a fan button at , and send an e-mail to
Please ask them to use the following subject for the sake of our sanity as we count:

I am here thanks to: (your name)

Also, please be sure that they use your full name or we may not be able to count them.
E-mail addresses will never be shared, sold or divulged to anyone ever, period.

Thanks to PetSmart for making this gift available, and for another piece of exciting news - they have decided to open up a Q&A session to our readers with Dr, Robyn Jaynes. Dr. Robyn is the director of Veterinary Services and PetSmart’s resident dog and cat expert. She will be happy to entertain questions you may have about a behavioral issue, a quirk you have wondered about, or a training challenge.

If you have ever wanted to understand your pet more fully, this is a great chance to do so without hiring an expensive behaviorist. Please e-mail all questions to

For more information, and to take some interesting quizzes and browse informative videos, look for "If Your Pet Could Talk" at

In the coming days, we will have much love to share in the form of dog goodies, so stay tuned. Thanks for making this a great year, and for joining us as we continue to celebrate life with dogs.


  1. Outstanding! Congratulations to you and the entire thundering herd for another year of making us laugh and think and remember what's really important.

    Oh, and Mrs. Author? Thank you for your patience with all of us traipsing daily through you house and life! You really are a doll.

  2. Life with Dogs sets the bar for COOL! Most of us, including myself, can't even see the bar-let alone set it!

    Mom is very excited about that behaviorist expert for some odd reason. Huh-must have some issues with Dad she wants to ask about. ;0=)

    Dogs across the world are sayin', "Life With Dogs ROCKS!!!" and "THANKS for appreciatin' us 4 leggers!!!"

    Chester ;0=)

  3. Will there be a gift khard at some point from HumanSmart?

    Will we get to ask khwestions about our 'pet' and why they do what they do?

    Tank woo fur being such a resource fur all of us!


  4. How cool is this?!?!

  5. You guys are so cool. Thanks!

  6. This is oh-so-awesome. The girls and Ringo are just beside themselves.

    Although Ringo is worried I might embarrass him and mention the "rat-bait" incident. And the 2nd one he pulled today ... uh-oh. It's just that we care about him, and since we care about him, we want to help him. Perhaps this behaviorist person can help him with this strange addiction he has recently acquired... he must be watched at all times now, as he is scaring all of us! But I think he is learning that immediately thereafter the rat bait, comes the hydrogen peroxide, and the heaving, OMG...

    And so now the race is on to find all my dog-loving friends on FB that need to become your fans! :)

  7. I am your facebook friend cuz of you! BOL!
    Licks and Wags, Ariel <3