Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Help Wanted

Like anyone would tackle that job. Foolish Nigel.

But the post title is right on. After what has been a whirlwind summer, we have a few tricks up our sleeve for this fall and winter. More on that next week or two. In the meantime, a proposal...

Life With Dogs is seeking a bibliophile. A literary critic, if you will. A number of publishers have reached out to us with a chance to get a sneak peak of dog related books prior to release. I'm sitting on review copies of great books that I know I will never have the time to read. Many of these books have value for the vast majority of dog lovers, and just because I prefer coloring books and eating paste have an unreasonable schedule, there is no reason some of these treasures should go undiscovered.

This is not a for-pay position. Not yet. Accomplished reviewers will want to look elsewhere. It is anticipated that this will convert to a paying position in four to six months. So consider it ground floor. Like the basement. That said, if you have the chops and and have always wanted to try your hand at reviewing books, here is a chance to get your feet wet and be part of a growing venture that exists primarily to crank the fun factor up with regularity. Expected volume is three to four books per month for the first two months, with an accelerated schedule to follow. Reviews should be thorough but brief.

I've said enough for now. Just in time for wordless Wednesday.  :-p

If this is of interest - or should you have any general questions, please send inquiries to lifewithdogs@ymail.com


  1. wow. cool. people keep saying i should write, but i always prefer to read! i'd like to learn more. i'll email you or your people can email my people.

  2. OUTSOURCE!!!!!! lol

  3. What a sweet picture! I see the dogs' furniture looks just like ours! :)

  4. I picture Fudgepants looking up droolingly from the floor, wanting to get close to Sola and Nigel. talk of pulled groins is probably too much for her.

    Any kind of commitment is enough to make me lose my toe hold on the edge. It's an intriguing offer, though. Especially the extra $$$ a few months down the road. Thanks for offering to share.

  5. What an interesting offer! Our Mom reads a zillion books a year -- which is OK with us because she can scritch our bellies with one hand in between turning the pages.

    But she runs a full-time seaport planning business in those off moments when she's not busy reading and scritching, so she can only look enviously at the chance to review as well as read.

    Anyway,she doesn't know the meaning of "brief."

    Thanks for stopping by. We enjoy your blog and are adding it to our list so that we don't miss your new posts.

    Wirey woofs!!!

    Jake and Just Harry

  6. That has GOT to be the most unique help wanted ad EVER!
    Only you, Nigel. Only you.

    Chester ;0=)

    *What an exciting offer for someone who has the luxury of TIME!

  7. Mom loves to read but has so little time for it now. We bet Stella's Mom might be interested. Good luck with this venture , it sounds very interesting.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  8. That's really a creative help advert!

  9. Maybe Nigel should put that outsource request on Craigslist :)

  10. Nobody here is up for the position, but good luck!!

  11. Outsource!!!!! We are not sure that is suitable for young lady bassets............sadly our mum is struggling to keep up with reading blogs, work, walks, life etc but good luck with your outsource! xxxx

  12. I... will... resist... the urge to offer my assistance. Gotta keep reminding myself that I've already taken on more projects than any sane person would.

  13. Very creative AND intriguing....I, Dory, would LOVE to review...but my Mama says something about "not enough hours in the day"...

    I will try to persuade her to retire...AGAIN



  14. Anonymous7:40 PM

    pull a groin- outsource--geez Nigel. Who woulda thought........ LOL
    the western SC gang

  15. Don't think my reading skills are up to snuff yet.

    Luv, duffy

  16. Outsource away, my friend!

  17. How intriguing. I love to read but haven't had the time lately. And I most certainly adore dog-related books, so I just might be interested... keep me in mind!

  18. Sounds interesting. My mom wishes she had time!
    Kisses and hugs

  19. That would be cool. I doubt the crazy old bat could read 3-4 books in a month and remember enough about them to do a review.

  20. First of all, LOVE the cartoon, and secondly, what a FABULOUS opportunity. I am a HUGE book reader and average like 5 books a month. I am going to email you about this separately.


  21. If only we didn't have 1,234,567,890 blogs per day to get through...


  22. definately something where outsourcing is needed

    i am sure you had lots of volunteers

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

  23. Outsourcing, eh? I'm a self-employed groin-puller but I have all the groins I can or want to handle right now. LOL!

  24. you are just a crazy pooch!