Friday, September 11, 2009

The Friday Five

It's time to do more of what we love best. Join us for a visit to some of the great dog blogs that have been patiently awaiting your visit! A few we have happened upon this week...

But before that, a brief explanation of the spirit in which this award is offered. Many of us have been tagged or received awards that require some acknowledgment, a dedicated post, or additional tagging to help spread the word. I wanted to find a way to point out that we love what you do, without requiring anything on your part. No need to say thanks, tell us five things about yourself, or pass it along. Feel free to display, distribute or discard - or let your dog have at it!

And before we send you off on a journey of discovery, here are a few of the bloggers who have been kind enough to send awards our way over the past couple of weeks.

Dennis the Vizsla surprised the heck out of us with this one. I was sure it was going to be the Your Blog is Dumber Than a Box of Rocks award, but apparently we narrowly missed that distinction for this week. Thanks Dennis!

Our Chi pal Cocorue was far too kind, and asked us to pick up a copy of the Most Inspirational Blog award. I know we have inspired a number of people to look elsewhere for any signs of intelligence, so this fits like a glove...

Sistertex from Spacial People passed along the You Cheer Me Up award, which cheered me up in a major way after a couple of unusually busy and stressful weeks. Thanks for laughing with us...or at us!

Mack and Sally Ann shared this lovely Eskie award with us. This one is made from scratch as a thank you to those who have befriended them, and we accept it with gratitude. Thanks pooches. :)

Finally, Kali from Kali and Rumer's Blog shared an award that we can really sink our teeth in to. The Oops I Ate it award exists to recognize the unauthorized acquisition of human food by dogs. Best award ever? Quite possible!

Thanks to all for sending us a slice of cheer!

Now our five recipients of this week's Gold Hydrant award....

Number one on the list this week - Edie and Gus from Alaskan SoundHoundz. We have been following them for some time, taking in the sights as they share their adventures. Explore the possibilities of drool art, or scroll down a bit and find that video of a hound being vacuumed. Priceless!

Another recommendation for this week goes to Bentley from The Bay Window blog. Bentley is another hound with superb drool output! Be sure to send belated birthday wishes on your way through...

This visit had me seriously fired up - and not only because Kris and the pack from Sarcastic Sunshine are dear old blog pals. What really floated my boat was news that a new family member was settling in. Won't you welcome the lucky Ms. Macy to her new home? That is one very lucky dog.

All dogs rule, but Labs are a favorite for obvious reasons. One of the Lab blogs we have visited with regularity is Poppy from Poppy's Its a Dog's Life. More exciting news is your to discover - another beautiful Lab has found a great home recently. Pure joy.

Rounding out the list this week is another hound blog - Marmalade's Houndly Reflections. More drool art? You bet! But Marmalade caught my attention with the best dog nickname of the week. If the shoe it! Thanks for the laugh this week Marmalade.

There you have it. Five better places to spend your time. Please do! As always, hug your dogs for us and enjoy a safe, happy weekend.


  1. More special sites!

    Khongrats on your pawesome achievements!


  2. Plenty of weekend joyful reading!

    Happy Weekend to youse all!

    lotsaluv Marvin xxxxx

    oh and Jeannie (who doesn't bite either!)

  3. Congratulations on all your Awards and you witty responses!
    You have managed to find yet another five blogs that we have not!
    Sometimes we think you are better at sniffing things out than us hounds..........
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  4. Momma doesn't want to let me visit those bloggies. She says, "no more friends!" Don't worry, I will sneak over there.


  5. Thanks very much for the award. We are so excited. Macy is actually settling in very well. Boz has found a trainer in her. I bet he'll drop a few pounds... And Abbey enjoys playtime but only as it suits her mature schedule.


  6. Congrats on your grrrreat award.
    Licks & Wags

  7. As always, thanks for the Friday Five. Off to enjoy the ones I have not visited before.

  8. Congrats to the Friday Five - we know a couple of these worthy blogs and look forward to sniffing out the others!
    Hugs xo

  9. I really enjoy the Friday five. Out here in dirtville, since digital tv became law and cable isn't in the budget I rely on my computer for entertainment. The Friday five broadens my horizens. Of course, it goes without saying that Sola, Nigel and Truffles do the same.

  10. All new sites for me to check out- thanks a bunch!

  11. I have to check out those new doggies. I told my mom to quit working so we can do this stuff all day. So many doggies. So little time.

  12. Wow! Thanks so much for the award. You made our day! And Gold Hydrants to THREE bloodhound blogs this week?? Might there be a bloodhound in YOUR future?? Sure makes us wonder........!!
    Anyway, thanks so much, and I'll be sure to fling a little extra drool your way soon.
    The Alaskan Gusinator

  13. Aww, thanks so much! I'm humbled and honored.

    While you kindly indicated nothing in return was required, & since Gus has already sent some drool, I'll add a bellowing, impatient bay of thanks.


  14. Although I have no dog in the house, I do have a pet frog, which may count for something since she is very cute and lives in a fishtank.
    Regards, Mrs. Slug.

    PS - Thanks for becoming a follower, you are a famous person! One of the big dogs!

  15. hello life with dogs its dennis the vizsla dog hay congratchoolayshuns on yore awards yore blog duz rok!!! and ennyway how dum cud a boks of roks be ill bet a boks of roks cud git into enny major yooniversity with a properly ritten applikayshun essay!!! ok bye

  16. Congratulations on all your Awards!

    A Gold Hydrant Award! Wow! How cool!

  17. Congrats! I'm new here but enjoying all the doggy goodness!

  18. I havent read all of this blog but what I have read so far has made me have a good chuckle esp when I need it most.
    Congrats on your awards.Truly deserved!
    My doggies send you big licks & bum waggles galore!

  19. We are very new to blogging, but we did grab the award! Thanks!