Friday, June 26, 2009

The Friday Five

Welcome back to the end of the week, and thanks for stopping by. We'll get to our weekly list shortly, but wanted to share a little fun on the way there.

Susan from City Gal Moves to Oz Land surprised our pack with a little something earlier this week - free food!

A wonderful card was included - we used to have a Dalmatian so Susan and Trixie and the gang tugged at our heart strings with that one. We were so touched that she took the time to whip up a batch of crunchy goodness for the dogs. A custom label for the treats rounded out the package: perhaps Trixie is on the way to her fifteen minutes. There is not a treat left, and I am typing this Tuesday night. That's a good review if I have ever seen one - thanks Susan!

Now on to the Friday Five for the week. And the accompanying cheap trinket we created especially for it - the Gold Hydrant Award (more). This item of little to no value is yours to display, or not. No questions to answer, no need to pass it along, no rules, no strings. Brag to your friends or run away in shame. Either way, we're hurling this at you because we think your blog should be seen. Cut and paste if you'd like, or cut and shred!

I need to mention a site that provides very useful information. I have it bookmarked for reference. Read and learn from Helpful Buckeye at Questions On Dogs and Cats. Always interesting, there is a mix of information and entertainment on tap. Tell them we sent you!

Remember the Dalmatian I mentioned? I bring this next blog to your attention with great pleasure, especially since I know Mrs. Author will go absolutely bonkers when she finds it. I would fly our dogs to Florida to have Kim from House of Spots photograph them. Of personal interest is this post. We saw those kinds of bitey faces often. :)

If there is a dog I want to steal as I review this list, it is Hoover from Battery Powered Dog. Hoover gets the job done with a pacemaker, and that makes him a badass in my book. Scroll down to Meet My Sister...check out Hoover and Kirby crashed on the floor. The name comparison post above it is a riot!

Want a visual feast of dog fun? Head over to visit Minnie Moo this week, and scroll through loads of pictures of Minnie and friends in action. These dogs know how to play, and Minnie is one lucky canine.

Feeling boxed in at the office as you read this? Stop by Gennasus for some amazing open sky pictures, and a beautiful tour of their corner of Scotland. I think I could live there and be quite happy. Their dogs certainly seem to be!

Have a great weekend, and hug your dogs for us...


  1. Thanks for the great recommendations, we loved House of Spots! Have a nice weekend :)

  2. As always, love the Friday Five and are checking them out!

  3. How nice of you to think of us!

    It's great to know that people are actually visiting my blog and I really appreciate awards, but it's an award-free zone over here, it's simpler that way.

    Which means it's 'cut and shred' for me, I'm afraid, but I have to admit to being ever so tempted by that Gold's just so sparkly.....and gold.....and .....sparkly......NO!.....must resist!

    Thanks for the mention, I'll be back to check out the other nominees later.

  4. What a lovely surprise to get goodies in the mail - looks like you enjoyed them too!!
    We will have to check out your five this week - we actually don't know any of them!!!
    It will be nice to visit new blogs. Have a good weekend. xx

  5. Always a great selection of blogs! I'll head over to check em out! Hmm how'd you manage to get presents out it???


  6. Thanks for the blog recommendations! Loved all of them.

  7. Wow, you got fun things in the mail!!!! You are a lucky dog! Oh yeah, thanks for the recommendations too.


  8. We'll hug ours so long as you promise to hug everyone in that mad house of yours! Deal? Have a great weekend. Rest. Move around a tad. Rest. Eat. Rest...I think you can take it from there...

  9. I'm glad they enjoyed the biscuits, hopefully there will be better biscuits to come in the future while I tweak my recipes! :)

    I've already visited House of Dogs and I'm in awe. Since I had a dal and still love all things dal, her photographs are AMAZING. She makes me want to run out and get another dal (hubby would probably not approve).

    And I've lost track of time again -- I have to leave in 30 mins to take Tori to the vet for her shots, so I better get my butt off the web and come back later!!

    Y'all have a wonderful weekend!!!!

  10. Oh My Doggie!

    I am among The Chosen!

    Much Gratitude From,
    Hoover BPD (Battery Powered Dog)

  11. Wow! My spotty dogs are honored...I think they are working on their acceptance speeches as I type. Peyton wants to know if he can now use my computer as a hydrant. :)

    On a side note, why does IE always try to kick me off your blog?

    Kim (and her house of spots)

  12. Ah yes...

    A GOLD hydrant...


  13. Great stuff here thanks for sharing!

  14. Well if you do go to Florida, make sure you stop off in Georgia!! I'm sure Athena would love to have a play date!!

  15. Thanks for the recs! Those treats look wonderful! Woofs and wags,
    Benson and Gibson

  16. Love your friday five ^___^

    Have a nice weekend !!

    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)

  17. Wow free stuff is good :-)

    Thank you for mentioning my blog, we're really pleased you enjoy it :-)


  18. Aw, I love when blogs share the bloggy love ;-)

    Happy weekend!

  19. Love these blogs and the Friday Five!
    xo Sammie

  20. Free food is always good. I like the idea of the "Friday Five." --Cheryl

  21. I like to get doggish blog recommendations: thanks! I was at a horse show last weekend, and MISSED a photo opp of a dalmation on a leash held by a girl riding an appaloosa. All those spots and I missed it.