Monday, May 18, 2009

One Day Monday

One day at a time: the advance of spring in Vermont. Frustratingly slow at times; when it does finally arrive, it explodes. I stepped off the front porch today and took in the view.

Worth waiting for!

One day at a time: Sola's recovery. I think we may be out of the woods, or nearly so. I am cautiously optimistic.

One day at a time: Nigel's approach to cleaning up his act. Let's hope he has an easier time climbing out of the bottle this Monday than he did last.

One day at a time: The way lifetime relationships are built.

What does one day look like to you? Play One Day Monday. Posts need not be about "one day at a time" - rather, they must only contain "one day". One day I will, one day I did something, one day is not enough to, one day I saw a get the point. Post a comment here with a link to your blog post when this post goes up next Monday to let the world know you have one day to talk about. If you can whip one up today feel free to leave a link here.

And with that, happy Monday to all. We'll need your help this week, it's going to be interesting.


  1. I go away one flippin' week, and I come home to all of this? I'm so not going away again ever. I'm here for you! Sola, Reiki Energy on its way to you, and your family. One Day at a Time putting one paw in front of ta uder!

  2. Yes - one day at a time so works!

    Tank woo fur sharing your beaWOOtiful nature shots!


  3. Sarah, Gracie & Tina9:28 AM

    What a beautiful view to start the day! I'm liking your optomism pertaining to Sola - sending good thoughts her way this Monday. As far as Nigel is concerned - I'm sorry but I have to LOL - the pic of him struggling to get out of the bottle has me hysterical this morning! My coffee almost came out of my nose when I scrolled down and saw that. Bad boy!!!

  4. Ooooh, pretty! Can't wait to see for myself!

  5. One day, I will be back in New England for the amazing spring burst!

    I am glad your girl is on the mend.

    that picture of Nigel is one of your best yet!

  6. Love the "one day at a time" thoughts...
    My mantra: "Right here, Right now..."

    Hugs and Rubs to all, especially Sola.

  7. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Nigel, get some help, will ya?? That picture is very disturbing. Woof, Tank

  8. We hope Sola gets well soon! And we're trying to figure out why Nigel thought he would fit in the bottle.

  9. He has a genie complex ;)

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  11. What a nice uplifting Blog post to start off the week!

    The view from your front yard is wonderful. (I'm envious!) I'm SO happy that Sola is doing better. AND it's good to know that Nigel is trying to lick his problem (no pun intended), one day at a time. I also LOVED the story about Roscoe and Suryia. . .thanks for sharing that!

    We didn't hear about Truffles today, so I hope she's holding her own throughout this rather stressful time in the household!

  12. One day...I hope to play One Day Monday! hehhehheh
    In the meantime, I look forward to reading about your big week!

  13. Ah yes, Vermont is such a beautiful state - look at all the green.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  14. Now that's some view to have from your front porch! It's all so lovely and green.

    Good to hear Sola is improving.

  15. What a beewootiful post...nice scenery...Sola on the mend...and..well...Nigel. Give the boy his vices! It's a rough world out there! I'm sending some fluffy husky fur to Vermont. So be on the lookout!!

    Kisses to Sola and Nigel!


  16. One day is NOT happening on our blog this Monday! Lots of behaviors we're working on. Not the fun stuff, 'neither. Hopefully by next Monday we'll be able to post about ONE DAY, a GOOD one day at that!

    Glad Sola is on the upswing. Give her a hug from us.

  17. Your Spring scenery is beautiful! That should make Nigel try very hard to get out of the bottle and give Sola another reason to feel better.

  18. Anonymous10:23 PM

    We love your site and am glad Sola is feeling better. Spring is lovely in Vermont!

  19. Eeeeewwwww...ya like ta get a doggie ta put on a thinkin' cap don't ya......well, one day me 'n Toby will be able ta play ball without fightin' over who is gonna catch it and bring it back.....but that one day may not be fer awhile...

    Dewey Dewster here....

  20. We are wishing Sola well! Nice scenery! Also thanks for the birthday wishes!

  21. one day i'll run a marathon again.
    one day i'll learn to love the bed katy put out for me and abandon my dirt nests. (tamale's)
    one day i won't fear the cats. (omo's)

  22. I guess we were hoarding the spring down here in Master Chew Sits. Good thing it finally made it up your way.


  23. Anonymous9:38 AM

    One day....ONE DAY when I lived n FL and was at an antique show, I looked up from all the old treasures and saw a greyhound on a leash. I never really saw one before and didn't know about their plight at the tracks. Animal lover that I am, I reached out to this dog and stroked his beautiful head. I talked to the woman who was with him and she told me some very disturbing things about these dogs and their lives. I went home sad. Fast forward about 5 years. We had been transferred to SC with my husband's work and had a fenced in yard with our new home. I decided I wanted to save a life so we contacted a greyhound rescue group, was interviewed and soon was introduced to our first rescued racer, JC's Wisecracken. That ONE DAY at the antique show so many years before changed the rest of my life. Since Cracken we have had 5 more retired racers. We have loved them, cared for them, treated them like our children. We have spread the word of their plights and hopefully caused several people to consider rescuing one....or two....or more. ONE DAY I will die but because of that ONE DAY in FL, waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge wil be my greys who have gone before and we will rejoice in being reunited and be thankful for that ONE DAY.
    Dixie and the gang in western SC

  24. Great take on the theme Dixie! I am sure many share your sentiments. Greyhounds get to us :)

  25. "one day at a time, sweet Jesus, is all I'm asking from you"... in the words of Cindy Lane

  26. I can't wait to play this some day soon.