Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Truck Nuts

**Newbie alert** If you have not been around long, this will be lost on you unless you invest three minutes here.

I can barely contain myself.

We are modest folks, and do not often splurge on luxuries. That is why I am so proud to tell you that we have just acquired a third vehicle.

Right there in the middle, follow the arrow.

I know it's not "green" to practice excess when it comes to oil consumption, and I feel guilty with the economy tanking, but the amazing part: the truck was free!

I was at the bank last Friday, and actually walked in. I have no idea why, I always slack and use the drive through. I guess fate had different plans for me. As the door closed behind me I looked up, and there was a shiny new truck in the middle of the lobby. I asked the teller why it was parked there.

Teller: "It's free."

Author: "No way."

Teller: "Yes way. Now please take one and be gone and have a pleasant day and thank you for banking with us."

How could I not? I pulled in to the driveway that night and wailed on the horn all the way to the garage. Mrs. Author and the dogs ran out to see what all the ruckus was about.

I grinned proudly and pointed. She laughed until she cried.

I'll call tomorrow to see what the insurance runs. The dogs continue to fight over who will be driving first...


  1. Hi Nigel Sola & Truffles!
    Stop by my blog when you have time, I have an award fur you :)
    Big licks to you

  2. Yeah! Do it! And, you can always get the one I left for you in email! Anyone who gets a free truck certainly deserves awards, too! My gawd, how'd you git so lucky, Earl?

  3. Oh the irony... it's killing me!

  4. Holly said...

    "Yeah! Do it! And, you can always get the one I left for you in email..."

    What did I miss?

  5. Yeah - we have one just like it! It's the best! Insurance is minimal so don't worry about cost - though if you wreck it (and that's hard to do unless you're a 5 year old boy...AHEM) you have to suck it up and pay for a new one.


    Jennifer @ Random Ramblings

  6. Ha! No more junk in your trunk!!

  7. Multi-purpose truck - awesome!

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  8. I see woo have Xterra too!

    I do think woo will look sporty in the new one too!


  9. Sam wants to chew on your new truck and Lucy wants to dig a hole to put it in while Maxie lazily looks on. [lol] ♥ ∞

  10. Uh-how ya gonna use the gas pump?

    I think Sola and Truffles should ride up front and haul Nigel's junk around.


  11. How nice, the little truck asks a question (Got Junk?) that you can now answer YES to!


  12. LOVE YOUR NEW RIDE!!! And for FREE! Question now: I have added you to my blogroll but you, along with a few others I love, are not showing up with new posts. It will be my rant today. How gripping. Hope no one misses that! lol

  13. A fair gripe. Two months ago my blog feed stopped working in the Blogger preview panel. I have tried a hundred ways to repair it, but Google does not support Blogger, so we are left to fend for ourselves. After devoting countless hours to this task I decided I was better off focusing on content. I added a Feedburner feed as backup, but as you have noticed, I'm still not showing up in the Blogger preview panel.

    My feed works anywhere else, in any reader. It's incredibly frustrating.

    That said, $100 to the first person who can fix it.

    Any takers :)

  14. But do all 3 dogs fit into the front of the truck like in the original post? Somehow, I thought they were bigger.

  15. That is a truck that will build envy in your part of the country. Be careful that someone does not attempt theft of it while you are out and about.

  16. I say forget the trucks. Get an RV, baby!!
    Oh, I'm sorry. Sally started typing the reply. I had to run her off. Love all the trucks. Great post!!

  17. This happened before when it told me I couldnt leave a comment and then there were two!
    Apologies if that happens but we said the truck is really cool and you guys are soooo lucky! xxx

  18. Hilarious! I am a newbie so I had to go read the prior post first, and I am with you on the fact thet I will never look at at kitchen strainer quite the same!!

  19. That is funny. Like the truck.

  20. How funny. We think Nigel will be using it to haul around "ladies of the night" or maybe "pants of the night" whichever he can get his hands.. er paws on.

    Feather, Darla & Pappy (Nigel is my hero), the TN Bull Terrors

  21. Is the sign on the truck pertinent to you? Do you really have to ask yourself that question for validation?

  22. LOL
    You have fitting transport to take the dogs to the park now ;-)

  23. Nice ride! And a freebie, no less! I'm still working on my regular Class C doggie driver's license. Do you have to have a special license to drive a big rig like that? I'm so impressed! BOL
    xo Sammie

  24. BOL! What a great new ride!!!