Monday, March 30, 2009


Notes to self:

a. Do NOT come home early from work on a Friday afternoon.
b. Sticks can swim.
c. More to follow.

Notes to all: No other way to put it - Chester and family rule. They gave us a great laugh this weekend, and Truffles has taken notice of a certain handsome chocolate Lab from Pennsylvania.

Sola is back to 100%, and thanks you all for asking about her.

Mrs. Author celebrates a birthday this week. Entries will be short, because the greatest gift we share is time.

Let me know if you spot Mr. Stick. I have plans for him.


  1. Does Mrs. Author get to have a fluffer nutter?

  2. Okay, well, I have to say it's all your fault. If you hadn't forced him to wear her underwear, I'm not certain he would have desired to come back for more, and well, to 'stick it' to you! Besides it is her birthday and you could look at it as a twofer; "Oh, Happy Birthday, Dear, I brought you..." eyes casting wildly about searching for something sparkly and nice and coming up seriously short, "...this handsome stick!"

    Yeah, if you need a place to live, Rory and Fiona say they'll let you rent their bed that they won't use.

    I hope Mr & Mrs. Author and all the furry children have many happy returns of the day!

  3. Happy Birthday Mrs. Author!!!

  4. I was sure we had seen the last of the Stick... I am afraid for you and ours!!! clearly this Stick has it in for you... maybe time to file a police report...a stick stalker?

  5. A vewy Happy biwfday Miss Authow
    smoochie kisses

  6. I see him! I see him! He's in need of some more torture if that is, indeed, Mrs. Author there in bed with him. He should be punished, and severely. I think you haven't given him enough H.E. double hockey sticks and that he should be threatened with an axe or an actual burning fire!

    JMS @ Random Ramblings

    PS: How's Sola feeling, BTW? I think about her now every time I see a stick in my backyard!

  7. I certainly hope Mr. Stick is smart enough to use protection. You don't want a house full of little twigs running around.

    HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday Mrs. Author. I think Mr. Author needs to be wooing you back with lots and lots of cupcakes. (Although the comment about the greatest gift being time is a great start in the wooing process)

    Woofs and cupcake slobbers!
    Chester and family

    Pee. Ess. Hey Truffles, come on down to PA. I need me some paw candy!!

  8. oh that bugged eye stick!

    happy birthday mrs. author


  9. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Mrs. Author looks completely worn out and Mr. Stick looks mighty satisfied. I smell trouble....

    Happy birthday Mrs. Author!

  10. Happy Birthday Mrs Author - I fear you may have one of those moments when you wake up and see who/what is lying next to you! Resolve to give up the wine!

  11. Ha Ha - the stick had a woody!

    Happy birthday Mrs. Author! You have a lot of explaining to do!

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  12. From what I have noticed, sticks are made up of a whole lot of little splinters! At least that is the way I see it!

  13. Ha! I hope that stick hadn't been swimming immediately before depositing himself in the bed...

  14. happy birthday to the missus! and hugs to the dogs.

  15. Budrow Wilson5:19 PM

    OH NO...he's back! Well Buddy said he would be happy to put a hit out on Stick as he hates to see anyone mess with his family. ;-)

  16. Hello there! Thankyou for following my humble little blog! This dog-blog is hilarious! I love it. I'll be mailing some woodchips to Mr. Stick- he'll think they are bits of Mrs. Stick.
    Have a happy birthday!

  17. Well that's just stick! He's looking very pleased with himself though.....
    Happy Birthday Mrs Author!
    Slobbers xx

  18. Happy birthday Mrs. Author, NICE STICK.
    I haven't been here for awhile so I missed the actual day of said stick action. I had a $600 vet bill for the same thing happening to my black lab except it happened under his tongue (boy was talented?) and it took us 2 days to figure it out and by then it was violently infected and required much surgery. Healed up nice though but ever since I have been preaching the anti stick thing to any and all retriever owners that would listen.

  19. Love Mr. Stick. Is he a twigophile? I left one comment butt it must have been poked by Mr. S.. he he he :D

  20. :) Oh dear, this doesn't look good! Tell Mrs. Author Happy Birthday though! :)


  21. Oh and we are VERY glad Sola is feeling better! :)

  22. Martha10:32 PM

    I knew there was more to Mr. Stick than meets the eye(s). Can't wait for more. Great imagination. Is there a Mrs. Stick?

    martha in Toronto

  23. Mr. Stick is a sociopath of the highest order. Protect yourself from him.

  24. Happy Birthday Mr. Author.
    One stick in the bed?... Investigate must be a prioprity.

  25. The stick returns, its getting scary now.

    Simba and Jazzi xx

  26. I just wonder what that stick is wearing under the covers.

  27. After his adventures in the water, I wonder if Mr. Stick's first name is "Bob".

  28. Congratulations on your birthday Mrs. Author
    Glad to hear that Sola is doing okay. She probably will not have learned from the experience, so I will be on the lookout for Mr. Stick and members of his family. His family will end up in our fireplace, if I see Mr. Stick himself, I'll let you know!

  29. Happy Birthday Mrs Author and many many happy returns of the day.

    Break the stick into two already ... its caused you enough angst! I'd happily volunteer to chew it to smithereens ... :)

    licks and wags

    Tuffy of Dog WOods

  30. martha3:19 PM

    "stick alert, stick alert"!

  31. but he's got a firm set of abs, a 2-pack. and those eyes. how could she resist?

  32. I think I see him! I love this theme, by the way.

    And . . . Happy Birthday!

  33. To the stick: "Ok, time for a little fire scarecrow ..."


  34. I'm all for birthday weeks, Mrs. Author. A day is not sufficient for the mayhem.