Sunday, February 15, 2009

Territorial Dispute

Truffles: Hey two-legger, Nigel won't get off my side of the couch. I told him it was my side but he won't stay on his side.

Sola: snicker

Truffles: Hey two-legger, Nigel won't stay off my side it's my side make him stay off my side NOW.

Author: I heard you the first time. Nigel, knock it off.

Nigel: What do you want from me? She's nearly seven hundred pounds. Every side is her side.

Truffles: Whatever. Go take another diet pill rice cake. If I cut you I bet you'd bleed balsamic vinaigrette. Ever meet up with a protein you liked?


  1. I know someone who would bleed balsamic vinaigrette. I think I'm going to start quoting you- oh snap!

  2. Time for rock, paper, scissors!


  3. Jammin11:34 AM

    Nige, dude, we sooo feel your pain! We don't have big fat labs but we do have those weasel Whippets that think it is perfectly OK to lay in a heap, on top of each and US!!! We think not! Don't turn into a girlie man now! Don't forget " Greyhound Sleeping Space 101"

    Your pal,

  4. Fur-kids! Can't live with 'em. Can't live without 'em. And you can't ship 'em off to boarding school! (Although I have threatened Chester in the past to spend a day at the Humane Society to make him see just how good he has it at our house.)

  5. So you have to pick up a couple more sofas, or bean bag snuggler things. You want a bunch of dogs, you need to provide sleeping room for them.

    Get with it, Mr. Author.


  6. But he looked at me furst...

    Did not...

    Did to...


  7. oh no, I had to go through this with my human siblings, now you have the agony of stooopid arguments too!

    I feel for youse!

    love Marvin xxxxx

    Belated Happy Valentine's Day too, even though you seem not to be very loving to each other, perhaps my "lurve" will seep through to youse.

  8. the best retort in a "childish" argument I ever heard from my human siblings was "I didn't, didn't, didn't, thousand, million times didn't, so there and no return!"

  9. you are so funny. i am snickering, so you are funny.

  10. There are only two sofas we are allowed on. And there are three of us. If Dakota gets to one first, then that's it, one of us has to take the floor because SHE doesn't let anyone else on her throne at the same time. But if Phantom gets there first, then I have a chance to join him as long as I stay at the opposite end.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  11. We fight over mommy's bed...the others don't understand it's MINE...all of it! I sleep where I want and if they get in my way, they get toofers in their face!! Harooooooo!!!!

    Mya Boo Boo

  12. Can't you all just get along??? he he he. Little brothers are a pain. X-BabyRocketDog

    Big sisters are a pain. O-Hootie

  13. Aren't they so sweet when they're asleep?

  14. Nigel don't take that crap from the over-sized chocolate ogar!! I would go there and give her a piece of my mind, if Sola wasn't so prejudice!!

  15. Nigel: I can hold my own against that gravy boat.

    Now can I see your pant leg for just a sec?

  16. Heee heeeeeeee....oh SNAP!

    Teddy Bear

  17. Hahahaha, balsamic vinaigrette :D :D Just lie on top of her Nigel, until she moves....say you thought she WAS the sofa! Our Spaniel friend Sophie is so fat her folks call her Sofa!
    Slobbers xx

  18. BOL You guys crack me up :D
    Big licks to you

  19. Well if Martha wants the particular space that Bailey is on she just jumps up and sits on top of her! This works cos she is bigger than Bailey but you might need to add some other annoying factor cos you are smaller. What about jumping up and accidentally making a terrible smell.....................

  20. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Somebody just got served!