Sunday, January 25, 2009

And the weiner is...

While watching SNL last night, brain churning, riding a sugar high from having eaten a Dunkin Donuts apple fritter the size of my head; a faint bulb ignited as I noticed the date in my taskbar.

It's freebie time!

Inspiration to invest time and effort in this journey comes from two sources: the dogs, and you, the kind reader. While I can reward the critters at will, something tells me a peanut butter stuffed Kong is not quite the ticket when it comes to recognizing our loyal human friends.

And because so many of you have made this a rewarding experience for us, I'm breaking the rules (as always) and picking two winners this month.

Congrats to:

Chester's Mom - And Chester likes paper, so maybe we are just sending him a snack :)
Dughallmor Beagles - Looks like I'm in for some international shipping charges, but they are well worth it :)

Please drop me a line at lneilb at with a shipping address - home, work, even a PO box is fine.

And my sincerest thanks to each of you for making this an incredibly rewarding experience.

We'll draw again early in February before changing the prize to mix things up! And watch for a post in the near future which describes the random, if somewhat bizarre means by which winners are selected.

Be well...


  1. Why do I get the feeling the random, bizarre means of choosing winners involves some sort of canine intuition mojo?

    Congrats to Chester's Mom and Dughallmor Beagles! :)

  2. Something is slow with my system and can not seem to put you as a follower, tried it with others and it would not work. Go have coffee and come back. COMPUTERS #$#%&**(%$$%. You eat all that sugar and wer still able to sleep... not judging you, I could not do that.
    I see that you got voted best animal blog,good for you, how did you set that up as I went to the page and it said look for the vote buttom on the top right hand side of each blog to vote, but i don't see it ??? Thanks for your help in advance
    cheers PB

  3. What two great winners that deserve it!! So cool. =)

  4. PB, you must have an account with Blogger's Choice Awards in order to vote. You'll have to take a minute or two to register...

  5. random drawings and prizes are so much fun. we think a kong stuffed with peanut butter sounds pretty good!


  6. There is nothing bizarre about getting treats and winning prizes.
    Congrats to the lucky ones.

  7. Oh wow, we feel so honoured you picked us....thank you! You bring a smile to our faces with every post, you're hilarious and a very talented writer, the proof is in your huge list of followers! We're glad you like our blog and always appreciate your comments :o) We're off to vote for your blog now!
    Slobbers xx

  8. Congrats to the Dughallmor Beagles!
    What a great group they are and what a glorious life they lead, thanks to their Mum!

    I haven't been to Chester's Mom, but I am going there right this minute.


  9. Congrats to the Dughallmor Beagles and Chester! We thought for a minute that Dunkin Donuts had a give a way of apple fritters.. no such luck.


  10. Congrats to the winners.
    Dog XXX

  11. Congratulations to the winners!
    Kisses and hugs

  12. Congratulations to the winners!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  13. Congrats Chester's Mom and my beagle buddies!


  14. Congrats to Chester's Mom and Dughallmor Beagles !

  15. Congratulations to both winners! PB stuffed kong is my absolute fave treat/game! Good choices for winners!
    Licks and Love,

  16. Congratulations winners! Enjoy your treats!

    Teddy Bear

  17. Congratulations to the winners! Hey, but my Jeannie is so slow she did not realise there was a competition!!!!!

    Never mind she is perhaps a human of little brain, just like Pooh Bear it seems. Well, except obviously she is not a bear. Dear me, I get confused sometimes, this blogging lark does my paws in sometimes!

    lotsaluv, Marvin xxxxxxxxxx

  18. I am still in shock and awe that we have been picked as wieners. I for one am Ok w/a peanut butter filled Kong (as long as it is Jif) and Chester will be more than thrilled to eat the envelope it comes in. We have both been hooked ever since you gave Nigel the turd hat and that story has been copied, printed and emailed to all my high-falutin' friends who "get" that kind of humor. Thanks again for the laughs we get from the tales that ooze from inside your noggin'(you know, the one the size of a Dunkin donuts fritter). Chester is all wiggly w/excitement and would like to thank all his adoring fans and appreciates their comments.

    What two great winners that deserve it!!!!!
    Our great friend Dughie the Beagles and Chester!!!!
    YEAHHHHHH Guys!!!!
    we love you!!!!!
    enjoy your treats!!!!

  20. Hey Marvin, look above the follower strip, right up there....

  21. How on Earth am I just now finding you? Thank you for visiting our blog! I would be missing much if I never came here, and now I look forward to catching up.

    all the delighted best-
    Patience and the whippets

  22. Dunkin Donuts... apple fritters.... Great - now we need a donut fix! We're thinking the giant coffee rolls!!!

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  23. We didn't know about it either, duh, wake up OP Pack.

    Congrats to the winners!!!

    Woos, the OP Pack

  24. Glad you enjoyed the sleeping Collie photos. We are sure you will be able to find some most excellent pictures to share with all of us.

    Dog Speed,

    Essex & Deacon & Dog Dad too.

  25. It looks like woo khan wrap a PB filled kong in paper!

    Khongrats to the winners!


  26. Hey NSC nice to meet you. Love me a good dog blog :) You meet Henry yet?

  27. We were already followers :)

  28. Forget the Kong, I just want the peanut butter BOL
    Big licks to you

  29. Hi, just took time to read a couple of your blogposts. Very funny! Had to stop at the celine dion-one, big bellylaugh! Anyway, thanks for joining my 'followers'. We will be having a small party again when no. 20 joins ;-) Don't hold your breath. I may take a while.

  30. Congrats to the winners. How cool to have drawings like this. I hope I win one day. I love reading about your dogs. I'm glad when I see my mom reading about them because that makes her not so mad at Spud, Hoppy and me when we do goofy things. Love, Sally