Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Ignorance Personified

I hate to post this. Perhaps you've seen it, perhaps not. If anything, it certainly reinforces the immediate need for contributions to animal advocacy and rescue efforts in Louisiana and surrounding areas.

Acts of merciless ignorance should never go unchecked.

This is both graphic and heartbreaking:


There is a current online petition that specifically addresses the issue:


While I'm not certain of the eventual efficacy of this petition, it's a ten second effort to put your name on the list. Please do.


**Update 9-21-05**

Excerpt from ASPCA.org

"On behalf of concerned citizens, ASPCA Public Information coordinator Luiza Grunebaum contacted the office of Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco to inquire about the dog shootings that took place in St. Bernard's Parish. According to a governor's aide, the shootings occurred under the orders of Sgt. Mike Minton, the sheriff, who "took this upon himself." Grunebaum was told the shootings have ceased, and Sgt. Minton faces disciplinary charges as a result of his directive."

Took it upon himself.

Another site mentioned possible animal cruelty charges, though I've not been able to verify that.

Looks like the cretins have had their party busted. Good riddance. Put your name on the petition anyway, as a matter of principle.



  1. Anonymous1:56 PM

    What total idiots. Petition signed.

  2. Anonymous2:51 PM

    WTF?? if someone shot my dog, they had better watch out!! thankfully their faces are recorded! I hope they go to jail! Petition signed!

  3. I agree completely. Thanks for signing.

  4. Anonymous4:06 PM


  5. Anonymous10:30 PM

    this is what society has amounted to? i am ashamed to be human sometimes .:O-ren:.

  6. ponygirl6:02 PM

    This is horribly sad. Have signed and will make sure all of my friends here in the UK do so too.

  7. sandy8:25 PM

    its disgusting theses poor animals and the poor owners searching forthere lost dogs

  8. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Disciplinary charges? What does that mean? His rank is removed and he'll move on to another place where he can be cold hearted and vicious?

    Petition signed!

  9. Thanks all! Your efforts are appreciated.