Saturday, September 24, 2005

Greyhound Reunion; Williston, VT

Note: Many thanks to the Greyhound owners who allowed me to snap pics. I must admit, I'm terrible at remembering names. My brain is a bit cramped; had I remembered your dog's name, it's quite possible I'd have forgotten the way home. PLEASE leave a comment below, or e-mail me (look in my profile) your dog's name(s) and identify the pic for me. I'll post below the picture. Katie was remembered because she nearly took out Sola and I when we approached her blanket. Hey, the girl likes her blanket...that's quite alright.
Katie; Defender of the Blanket.

Attendees of today's Greyhound Rescue of Vermont annual reunion enjoyed wonderful fall weather and a great turnout. Nigel, Mrs. Author, Sola and I wound our way through the crowd and visited with as many dogs and humans as we could in the short time we had to attend. It was a great pleasure.

Interesting Greyhound fact: Greyhounds shake, rattle & roll. The cause: excitement for some, nervousness for others. Not all Greyhounds do it, but chances are yours does...

Now I don't want to say Greyhounds are high-strung. In fact, the inverse is true. See here:
But throw a few dozen Greyhounds together and the excitement level gets the best of them. There were Greyhounds a shakin' everywhere. The ruckus of claws clickety-clacking on concrete sounded like typing contest. Greyhounds, both caffeinated (excitable) and decaf vibrated their way around the parking, never lifting their feet.

Sola: It looked like a gigantic air hockey table.

Author: Indeed it did. The USGS registered a low level, long term seismic event centered in Williston today. After further investigation, it was revealed that the Greyhound reunion was the culprit.

But it was their day, and they reveled in it. Tails swept the air, people mingled. Vendors displayed their wares. The doggy handshake occurred everywhere. Come to think of it, I've not seen such snout-to-posterior activity since I brown-nosed my way to a promotion in 1998.

Another interesting fact: Greyhounds have sensitive digestive systems. When overexcited this results in a case of "the vapors."

Sola: You could have warned me. The place smelled like someone was stirring up a big batch of hard boiled eggs and broccoli.

Nigel: Hey!

Author: It's true. There was some wind breakage. Seagulls fell from the sky, event tents wavered on their poles, traffic was rerouted. Mrs. Author's hairstlye collapsed. I chewed gum frantically, for fear that my teeth were turning brown.

Silliness aside, kudos to GRV for the great event, and to those who attended. It was fun for all, a true celebration. Sorry if we missed you, but there's always next year...

Sola: Bunch of skinny dogs. I swear I felt like Sally Struthers in one of those "Save the Children" commercials.

Nigel: Badonkadonk!

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  1. Anonymous12:31 AM

    You all are absolutely wonderful people for saving such beautiful animals! Bless you for having such kind hearts.